Simple Tips to Clean a Dog Collar

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Simple Tips to Clean a Dog Collar

No matter how obedient your furry kid is, it probably won’t miss a single chance to splash in the mud puddles and roll on the grass. Even if your dog rarely ventures out, their collar will absorb skin oils, sweat, dirt, and filth which develop an odor with time.

As a caring dog parent, it is your job to ensure that your dog’s accessories, including collars, are clean and nice-smelling. For that, you need to know how to clean a dog collar properly without damaging its look and features. To make your life easy, we have summed up some simple tips to clean dog collars - take a look!

Useful Tips to Clean Your Dog’s Collar

Leather dog collar

A leather collar is sensitive, thus should be prevented from soaking in water for longer. Wet the collar and clean it gently using dog shampoo. Rub the collar gently to remove accumulated dirt and irritants. After washing, pat dry the collar using a soft towel so that it will soak excess water. Now you can hang it to dry naturally.

Do not dry leather collars in sunlight as it can cause cracks in the leather.

Further, as you cannot soak leather collar in water, it is advisable to clean it regularly. With regular cleaning, it won’t get too soiled and stinky and get cleaned easily with a gentle wash.

Synthetic dog collar

Synthetic collars are easiest to clean.

Add a few drops of dog shampoo into warm water and soak the collar in it for 10 to 20 minutes. Later, scrub it lightly with a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt and grime from chinks. Rinse the collar with warm water and hang it to dry completely.

Metal dog collar

Most people believe there is no need to clean a metal dog collar because it does not trap odor or bacteria. However, it is a wrong assumption, it is a must to clean a metal collar as oil and dirt can accumulate on metal and cause irritation to your pet’s skin.

To clean metal collars, use a mild dog shampoo and clean the metal lightly. If you spot the signs of discoloration or rust on the metal, apply it with the paste of baking soda and water. Let the paste left on it to harden. Now use a gentle toothbrush to scrub the baking soda away. Thoroughly dry the collar with a clean towel and you are done!

You can use the same process to clean metal parts like D-rings, buckles, and tags on a leather or synthetic dog collar.


Wet a clean cloth slightly and spot clean as needed. If the collar is soiled, you can use an unscented, mild shampoo or soap. To prevent the growth of bacterias, it is important to let the collar dry fully before putting it back on your dog.

Wrapping up!

You see, cleaning dog collars is not that difficult. Simply use the right solutions and practices mentioned above to avoid frequent replacement of dog collars.

Whether you want to clean a stinky synthetic dog collar or get the dirt out of a leather dog collar, always remember consistency is the key. Make a routine to wash the dog collar as much as you wash your dog - it will make your cleaning process easy and keep your dog fresh and odor-free.

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