5 Beautiful Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

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5 Beautiful Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Having a dog as your best friend and family member is a priceless experience. Dogs are adorable, cute, and loyal - what other reasons do you need to welcome them to your home? However, when you decide to adopt a shelter dog, it makes you a little more adorable too.

Adopting a shelter dog is a responsible but beautiful decision. It shows your selfless love for living creatures. After all, you are giving someone their forever home!

Of course, adopting a rescue or shelter god isn’t as easy. However, the reward of adopting a sheltered dog outweighs most concerns. Still not convinced? Here are some beautiful reasons to adopt a shelter dog.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adopting a Shelter Dog

1. You Can Save a Life

Nothing is more beautiful than saving a life. Shelter dogs are helpless - maybe they have been given up, abandoned, or lost.

According to the ASPCA, every year about 670,000 dogs are euthanized. If it is in your hands, why not save a life (or two). It is a good deed to adopt a shelter dog than to buy from a breeder. Give those innocent beings a new life and a new home.

2. A Step Against Animal Cruelty

There are cruel puppy mills that sell animals to pet stores. When you buy a pup from there, you are supporting those breeding factories that keep profits above the welfare of dogs.

Pets in such puppy mills are kept in extremely poor conditions. The breeding mothers are kept in cages isolated from their companions. When they are no longer profitable, they are discarded, sold at auction, killed, or abandoned.

Adopting a shelter dog is a small yet significant step against animal cruelty. Once you have taken this step, educate other pet owners to do so too.

3. They Love You Beyond Anything

Animal shelters are filled with lots of healthy and happy pets who are waiting for a new home. Most dogs are dumped into shelters without any fault of theirs. Therefore, they have lots of love to shower on someone who accepts them. Isn’t it a chance to pick a pet who has tremendous love to share with you? They also deserve love and care like other animals.

4. They are Trained

Usually, the pets you get from shelters are adults. Since they may be already house trained, they know most of the basic commands like “sit”, “stay”, and “come”. They are also trained to be social and know how to interact with other humans or animals.

Moreover, you do not have to deal with their puppy phase where you have to make efforts to get them to stop chewing, clawing, and biting. Moreover, they have developed their personality, so you know what you’re getting into.

5. You Save Money

The adoption fee of a shelter dog is way less than the cost of dogs you buy from pet shops. According to the Humane Society, initial vaccinations and neutering costs of dogs are generally covered when you adopt them from a shelter. It's not the same when you buy them from a pet store. Moreover, since they are already trained, you do not have to spend money on their training.

Pets bring some beautiful changes in our lives - in the best way! Say hello to a shelter dog and change their lives too.

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