5 Dog Breeds That Will Make a Great Hiking Partner

Posted: 07 Apr 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Dog Breeds That Will Make a Great Hiking Partner

If you are a hiker, you must be having a couple of two-legged friends to embark on your adventures. How about this time you give your four-legged friend a chance?

Hiking is one of the best activities for you and your dog. It satisfies their instincts of roaming, exploring, and sniffing while giving them a healthy dose of exercise - all in a beautiful outdoor environment.

While dogs can be excellent hiking partners, remember that not every breed is well-suited to the activity. Many dog breeds are commonly adored as family pets because they lack the endurance needed to complete rigorous hikes.

So if you want to spend less time carrying your dog up the mountain and more time enjoying nature, here are five dog breeds that you need to add to your hiking arsenal.

Hiking with Dogs: Five Breeds to Consider

Siberian Husky

The working dog of the north, the Siberian Husky was bred for long-distance sledging. Hence, they will have no problem keeping up with you on your hikes. They are also generally good with other animals and people. So they will be friendly to other dogs and hikers in groups.

Huskies have an incredible amount of energy and stamina, allowing them to stay active for long periods. They are also intelligent and learn signs from you. This way, you both can easily communicate with each other.

Siberians have a thick double coat that protects them from harsh temperatures, making them great for cold-weather hikes.

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs love the outdoors and make great hiking partners. While they have a calm demeanour, they also love to play outdoors. It makes them a great companion for children and adults.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed that will require plenty of exercise daily. Hence, they are perfect if you want an energetic dog that loves being outside all the time!

Border Collie

With its high energy levels and athletic build, the Border Collie is an excellent choice for hikers who want to push themselves to the limit.

Collies are very active and intelligent dogs. Also, they are extremely loyal and responsive to training. This breed used to work long hours in harsh conditions. Hence, they won't give up on you easily.

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointers (or GSPs) are accustomed to hunting. They have plenty of energy, but they are also easy to train and eager to please.

GSPs are known for their intelligence, energy, and friendliness. It makes them a perfect partner for long hikes. They are natural companions of hikers who want an adventurous doggo by their side.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds were bred to herd livestock. Naturally, they are energetic and intelligent. They are happiest when they have something to do, which makes them excellent hiking partners.

If you want to bring your dog along, start training early and be consistent. Australian shepherds tend to be hard-headed and stubborn, but they can be obedient if you put in the work.

If you love the outdoors and want a companion to share it with, look no further than these dog breeds. Many of them have been raised as working dogs, and they will be more than happy to follow you on your next adventure. Get the hiking boots for your canine companion, and make sure you train them beforehand.

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