5 Easy Tips to Stop Your Dog From Digging Up the Backyard

Posted: 03 Sep 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Easy Tips to Stop Your Dog From Digging Up the Backyard

If you have a dog, you know they love to dig. Digging and burying are two favourite pastimes of theirs. When the weather gets warmer, your pup is just itching to explore. It is fun for them and also helps them relax. But sometimes digging can make your life miserable as it can cost you a lot of money and time.

If left unchecked, digging holes in the backyard can not only be annoying and unsightly but also cause real damage to your yard and home.

But do not worry! We have some real solutions to stop your dog from digging. Here are some tips to prevent your dog from digging up the yard.

Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Digging Your Yard

Plan Exercise and Playtime

Dogs are natural diggers as they desire to bury bones and other objects. So if your dog is not getting enough exercise, he will start digging in the yard.

Exercise keeps dogs from getting bored and burning off their energy. If you do not indulge them in enough exercise, they can get bored and start digging up the yard to burn their energy. So, give your dog an hour of exercise each day and let him out for about half an hour every day.

Digging Deterrents

Digging deterrents are effective in preventing the digging habit of your dog.

  • Partially bury flat rock in the yard. Make sure it is not sharp to hurt your dog’s paws.
  • Bury orange or lime peels and cayenne in the yard.
  • Spray vinegar at the spots your dog loves to dig.
  • Spread and bury the plastic chicken wire or net in the yard at some depth.

If your dog digs the yard and encounters the deterrents, he will slowly get the idea that he is not allowed to dig there anymore.

Get Chew Toys

Give chew toys to your dog so that he has something else to occupy his time with when they do not feel like playing with you. Chewing also consumes a lot of energy, so he will get tired of digging.

Distractions can help prevent digging. So bring all his favourite toys into the yard to stop him from digging.

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Get a Sandbox

If you like to see your dog happy while digging and do not want to ruin your backyard, a sandbox is a good solution. It can be a designated area in the corner to dig or a freestanding box in your yard.

Make a dedicated space for your dog to dig where he can scratch his digging itch. It will keep him happy, and you won’t have to deal with any mess.

Pest Prevention

One of the reasons for your dog digging is rodents, squirrels, or other prey animals are leaving their smell in the yard. It is especially true when your dog is digging around trees. So you need to get rid of these animals to stop your dog from digging.

Harness and collars are the best way to control your dog’s actions. It is a must if you are going out with them and do not want them to indulge in digging. Get the best quality collars, harnesses, and leashes for your beloved pet from Bully Billows!

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