5 Swimming Safety Tips for Your Beloved Dog!

Posted: 04 Feb 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Swimming Safety Tips for Your Beloved Dog!

Summers are all about soaking the sun and having fun. The enjoyment increases ten folds when you have your beloved dog by your side to keep you company.

If your dog is a water baby, you can go swimming to cool off on hot days. However, along with the fun, you also want to keep your and your dog's safety a top priority.

Whether you splash around in a lake, creek, or your private pool, keeping proper swim safety is of utmost importance. This way, you can avoid letting your fun in the sun turn into an emergency vet visit.

Here are safety tips to make sure your dog stays safe while swimming.

Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs

1. They May Require Lessons

The term “doggy paddle” was not coined because all dogs are swimmers. The reality is some dogs are not at all comfortable in the water. Pugs, American Bulldogs, and other dogs, with broad compact bodies and short snouts, are not natural swimmers. They may require swimming lessons and practice.

2. Get a Life Vest

Make your dog wear a life jacket if the water level is above the point where they can stand comfortably. A life jacket keeps your dog afloat even when they are practising swimming.

Life jackets for dogs come in various sizes. Take your pup with you to the store and get the one that fits them.

3. Supervise

Even expert swimmers can make mistakes while swimming when tired. Therefore, always check the energy level of your dog in regular intervals. Take them for frequent breaks to avoid getting tired. Take fresh water with you and encourage them to drink it at every break to stay hydrated. Make sure the pup does not drink the water from the water body. Water in lakes, oceans, rivers, and swamps is not drinking water. It may have contaminations and make your pooch ill.

Supervision becomes even more necessary when your dog is swimming into a river or other large water body. Make sure your pup swims near the shore even if the water condition is normal.

4. Look for Beach Closures and Current Advisories

Before you let your doggy get into the water, look for the notes related to tide and current. Ensure that the water temperature is normal.

Look for postings or signboards that signify potential swimming hazards. Even if everything looks good, keep the puppy close to you so that you can react quickly at the time of trouble.

5. Clean Ears to Avoid Infection

Moisture in your dog's ear can lead to infection. Therefore, make sure you clean their ears properly right after getting out of the water. Water bodies may have bacterias that can set into ears when not cleaned.

Go to your vet for an ear cleaning demonstration if required.

6. Do Not Let Them Swim in Too Cold Water

Just like humans, dogs may also get caught by hypothermia in cold water. They do understand what feeling cold means. But they also have a risk of getting cold. Make it a thumb rule - if you feel cold at a certain water temperature, your dog feels it too.

If you follow all the safety tips, you can make the summers more fun and cool for yourself and your dog. Get all your dog safety items from the Bully Billows store and spend your summer with no worries.

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