7 Myths About Dogs That You Should Not Believe

Posted: 08 Apr 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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7 Myths About Dogs That You Should Not Believe

Dogs are the best friends of humans. As friends, we must know everything about them.

However, do you know everything about them?

The truth is, there are several myths out there about dogs. Today, we want to crush those myths and help you get a better understanding of your furry companions.

So, let us go and debunk the rumours on the street!

Myths About Dogs (Revealed)

Dogs and cats are born enemies.

You must have heard this one several times before!

Cats are independent, selectively socialized, and finicky creatures. While dogs are social and curious creatures. These personality traits gave birth to this myth in the first place.

In an ideal world, dogs and cats can live together in harmony if they are raised together from a young age. However, it does not mean your cat would not swat if your dog wants to play with the cat. They probably want to be left alone. The personality differences are bound to be there.

Dogs only see black and white hues.


Dogs see the world in colour, just like us. However, the spectrum is limited as compared to human vision. The canine retina contains two colour receptors to see colours. The brains of dogs process shades of yellow and blue based on the amount of light given off.

Their perception of colour is less developed than ours. Hence, dogs see colours blurry. But they do see them.

Dogs only growl and bark to threaten each other.

Dogs communicate with several sounds, including growling, barking, whining, and whimpering. They often use these vocalizations to indicate their emotional state or convey specific messages related to their environment.

So no. Your and your neighbour’s dogs are not necessarily fighting each other when they are growling at each other.

You can not teach an aged dog any new tricks.

Age has nothing to do with learnings. Dogs can certainly learn tricks at any age. However, it does get harder as they grow older, mainly because of declining health. The trick is to start early and practise often so the dog can pick up the tricks with ease.

If you do not train your dog and just let them sleep all day, of course, he would not want to learn anything. On the other hand, if you show him that training is fun, he will be eager to learn!

Dogs wag their tail when happy.

Dogs can not talk to us to tell how they feel. We, humans, think tail wagging is their way of showing they are happy. However, tail wagging is a pretty complicated behaviour.

Tail wagging can have many different meanings depending on the context and other behaviours that accompany it. It indicates several emotions including excitement, happiness, anxiety, fear, or appeasement. Even the speed of the tail wag can have different meanings.

A wet nose means healthy doggo.

Please consider that the dog's nose could be cold and wet because they have been outside in the rain or snow. Their nose could also be wet from slobber, which is produced when they pant from stress or exercise. Therefore, the dog's wet nose isn't an accurate indicator of their overall health.

Dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans.

There is a common belief that dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans. The truth is that all dog's mouths are full of germs, as they explore the whole world with their nose and mouth. They pass on these germs to their owners too. So taking care of their oral hygiene and yours too is crucial.

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