Bug Bites on Dogs - What You Need to Know?

Posted: 05 Feb 2022 Human Reading Time: 1 Minutes
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Bug Bites on Dogs - What You Need to Know?

While some bug bites are just a nuisance for us, others can be quite dangerous. It’s the same for you four-pawed creatures.


To not let go of the signs of bug bites unnoticed, you should be aware of different bug bites, their symptoms, and their treatment. Let’s get to know it all -

A Guide to Bug Bites on Dogs

1. Flea Bite

If you see your dog scratching and licking himself continuously, check for a cluster of small, red bumps around the paws, belly, or folds of skin. Your dog can develop a flea allergy, especially in warmer months.

Ask your vet for an effective chewable treat, pill, topical solution or flea collar for the allergy. Also, wash and vacuum dog areas frequently to keep your dog flea-free.

2. Ticks

Your dog can get a tick bite while playing out in the garden. To prevent a tick from latching onto your dog’s body, check after every walk. Use a tick removal hook or fine-point tweezers to remove it from the dog's body.

It’s essential to stay wary of ticks as they can transmit diseases to dogs, such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Bartonella, or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

3. Mites

Mites are tiny, microscopic bugs, so you can’t see them. Look out for symptoms, such as inflammation, hair loss and skin lesions. If your dog is itching and biting himself intensely, you should take them to a vet.

They are contagious, so keep an eye out for scratching if your dog is in contact with other dogs.

4. Mosquitoes

While mosquito bites are generally harmless, they can cause heartworm disease to your dog. If your dog is on monthly preventatives, he is safe. Other than that, mosquito bites only give an itch, which doesn’t have any lasting harm.

5. Bees, Wasps and Hornets

Insects like bees, warp, and hornets can sting on the face, head, or paws if your dog steps on them accidentally. It causes significant pain, so if your dog lets out a yelp while working, check immediately. Use a credit card to scrape away the stinger to not let the venom spread. You can apply an ice pack to it to relieve the pain.

6. Fly Bites

The bite of Black flies and Horse flies can draw out blood. Others may leave a red mark. However, they do not cause any serious or lasting harm to dogs. Look for redness and if it irritates your dog, talk to your vet.

In any condition, you should not give your dog anything without consulting with your pet’s veterinarian first. If you see symptoms getting worse or any unusual reaction, immediately take your dog to the vet.

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