Do’s and Don'ts of Dog Care

Posted: 19 Aug 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Do’s and Don'ts of Dog Care

Dogs are the most loyal and affectionate companions in the world. They give you company when you are alone and protect you when you are in danger. Also, they give you psychological and emotional security when no one is around.

If you are planning to bring a puppy or new dog home, you must keep in mind that dogs are like a child. You need to groom them, entertain them, and play with them. They need to undergo training, so they don’t misbehave. If you are not aware of the dos and don’ts of dog care, read on the blog to learn the needs of your furry friend -

Dog Care - Dos and Don’ts You Should Follow

When it comes to taking responsibility and care for the dog, many dog owners feel a little overwhelmed. If you too are feeling anxious, here are some dog care tips that will surely help you-

Do train your puppy

Dogs are pack animals - they do what they want unless you train them and take charge of their behavior. Training them takes time; so, it is beneficial to train them, when they are young.

Train them with all the basics, such as to sit down, lie down, rollover, and fetch. We will recommend you to get a puppy trainer for your dog. The trainer will help you if your dog constantly misbehaves in public.

Don’t force your dog

Dog training may require you to force him, but don’t use violence as a deterrent. It is never a good idea as it may affect your relationship with the pet. Dogs are intelligent and can learn easily without using any unnecessary force. Make sure you acquire the right skills to train them.

Do feed them the right food

You must feed your dog the right type and amount of food.

Learn about your dog breed and feed them according to that because different breeds have different food requirements. Decrease the amount of food they eat as they reach old and mature with time.

Don’t forget to offer water

Like humans, dogs too need to keep their bodies hydrated. The difference between humans and dogs is, they can’t go and get it themselves. So, whenever you bring a dog home, make sure that your dog always has fresh water to drink.

Do let them exercise

Do let your dog exercise every day no matter what size and what breed it belongs to. Exercising keeps their weight under check and further ensures their healthy living. You can go to walk them twice and provide them a secure place to play and have fun. It is not only good for them but good for your health too.

Don’t overfeed them

Don’t overfeed your dog when it comes home after lots of play and fun time. Avoid feeding them chocolates and cheese because they may have weight issues later on.

Do practice commands at different locations

You need to train them inside and outside the home. Try practicing your commands at different locations; so, your dog will quickly associate with the command, your voice, and hand signals. Later on, the location won’t surprise your dog anymore!

Don't compete for your pet's attention

You may use an excited voice to command your dog, and it may even obey it at first. However, make sure you don’t use it regularly to command your dog; instead, use a firm and calm voice. This will ensure that your dog obeys your command even when it sees something more exciting.

Final Words

Dog training is a process that requires a lot of patience, love, and positive reinforcement. Do stay calm as you may get frustrated in between, but don’t lose hope and continue with the training unless you see progress. This is the key to success when you are to train your pooch.

We hope this was a useful read for you. Follow the dos and don’ts mentioned above, you will surely see a positive result in some time. Visit our online store to explore our exciting collection of dog accessories or to buy dog collars online.

Also, consider visiting our blog section to educate yourself and make the right choices for your little loyal friend.

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