Dog Training Myths You Should Stop Believing

Posted: 21 Oct 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Dog Training Myths You Should Stop Believing

Your good boy needs training as much as you do to learn a new skill!

While some people vouch for dog training, the others are a little confused about the same. Whether you want to teach behavioural basics to your dog or you wish to train them for bigger things, dog training is a must.

However, there are a lot of myths circling around the same (that makes people think twice). We are here to debunk some rampant misconceptions related to dog training.

Let's get started.

Myth #1: They will Grow Out of It

If there's one thing that makes dogs extra special, it has to be their love for the owner. From waiting by the door for you to wagging its tail when you come. There's so much a puppy can bring into your life. However, the same behaviour can go cross with your guests.

The dog training sessions begin from the puppy’s age, where dogs learn socialisation and basic manners. They learn to greet, go to the bathroom, and many more things. Just like us, they do not grow out of it. Instead, it starts turning into their habit.

Myth #2: Puppies Do Not Need Training


Dog training gives the best results when you begin to train your dog right from its pup phase. When it comes to training your dog, there is no minimum age. The sooner, the better.

Training isn't all about sitting or staying in one place. It grows your dog by teaching obedience and so forth. Furthermore, it also strengthens your bond with the dog. Your puppy is still going to be your baby and come to you with its little paws. It will just turn into a well-behaved puppy with early training sessions.

Myth #3: It is Too Late for My Dog

Again, really?

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually teach your old dog new tricks! You can put the same amount of effort into your old dog as much as you can into the new one. Also, it is good for them to learn new tricks and break bad habits.

Training your old dog is all fine. Rather it can take your relationship on a different level. The dog shall behave well as well as apologise for its mistakes. Furthermore, you can also communicate in a better way.

Myth #4: My Dog is Untrainable

How do you know that?

Maybe you have tried training them to eat snacks or go to the bathroom. Have you tried real training with them? If your answer is no, there's the problem.

Dog training is a long process. It takes enormous patience to teach your dog. You don't have to adjust with the fact that your dog will behave the same every time the doorbell rings. Instead, you can work on changing it.

Every dog can be trained regardless of their age. So, if you think that your dog is not made for training, you need to think again!

Myth #5: You Need to Dominate Your Dog

The logic behind this myth stems from wolves. There is always an alpha male in a wolf pack that governs or controls the entire tribe. So, do you need to do this to these wolves kins?

Probably not!

The life of a pup is different from wolves. Indeed, they belong to the same family but their habitat makes the difference. Wolves live in forests. On the other hand, the puppies live among us. Hence, there is no need for you to turn into an alpha male.


Dog training is crucial. Period.

It is crucial for both the dog and you. Also, you will need accessories like dog collars, harnesses, and chew toys to train your furry friend. To shop for these and more, visit our store here.

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