Expert Tips to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Carpet

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Expert Tips to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Carpet

Your pup must have been pretty well-behaved for a long time. They go out to potty and pee on time, at their designated spots.

However, accidents are inevitable!

At some point, you’ll have your carpet smelling all bad simply because your furry friend was too lazy to rush to the potty or it was too pressed to make it on time to the peeing spot.

One thing about dogs' pee is that it’s smelly! If you do not clean up the mess on time and do it thoroughly, it will linger for a long time throughout your house.

Luckily for you, with just simple washes and with the right product, you’ll have your carpet smelling great! So, what are these expert tips to get dog pee out of your carpet? Read on to find out!

Proven Tips to Get Dog Pee Smell Out of Your Carpet

Dealing with smelly dog urine from the carpet can be challenging. Sometimes, the pee seeps down to the floor below the carpet, so you have to consider this. Furthermore, not all mats are machine washable!

So, how do you ensure the smell is completely out of your carpet? The cleaning method you use will depend on how long the stain has stayed on the rug and the number of times the pup pees on the spot! Let's get started!

Dealing with Recent Dog Pee Smell on Your Carpet

You should use this procedure for pees that have taken time to soak into the carpet. Therefore these stains are still new, wet, and yet to set beneath the rug. In this case:

  • Try to absorb as much urine as possible before it soaks into the carpet. You can place a thick paper towel on the spot and cover it with a thick newspaper layer. Stand on the padding to let them take in as much urine as possible.
  • Keep repeating this procedure until the pee wetness is almost gone.
  • After sucking up as much urine as possible, clean this place. You will need about 1 cup of water, distilled vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

Vinegar and baking soda are great at lifting urine and neutralising the odour it leaves. The hydrogen peroxide, in this case, is tough on stains, therefore, will be effective in removing any spots caused by urine.

  • Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle.
  • Then spray the pee spot with the mixture and brush it or rub it with your fingers. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then blot it to ensure it's dried.
  • Once the spot is dry, sprinkle baking soda on it, then vacuum to eliminate the remaining odour.


  • You can use only clean water and a brush to clean the spot thoroughly. Only use this when the dog's urine is just fresh, and you've managed to lift most of it.
  • After cleaning, blow dry the area.

Removing Stains and Smell That Have Already Set in

Sometimes, your pup might identify a spot on your carpet where it will keep on coming back to pee. Honestly, it can be hard to eliminate smells already set in. They require deep cleaning with strong products to ensure the scent goes away:

You can consider the following cleaning procedures:

  • Rinse the area thoroughly with water. Then, using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, vacuum the carpet area with the smell and keep saturating it.

If you do not have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you can wet and blot the spot several times with water and paper towels. Do not opt to use a steam cleaner since it will make the odour and stain more profound.

  • If the smell is still there even after using the vacuum, it's time to opt for a stronger alternative. You can use an enzymatic cleanser which is typically bio-based. It works on a molecular level to break down odours and remove stains.

You can find most of these enzymatic pet stain removers in pet supply stores or your local grocery store. However, be sure to ascertain that the cleanser is non-toxic, for pet use only, and does not cause any problems to the pet.

  • Once you use these enzymatic cleansers, you do not have to rinse the carpet. Most are also safe to use on wood floors, furniture, or other areas where the odour might be trapped.
  • If the carpet still looks stained even after using the neutraliser, wait for the spot to dry, then go in with your regular carpet stain remover.

You should avoid using strong cleaning chemicals such as ammonia and vinegar. They might encourage your pet to keep on peeing in this area.

Removing Smell from Older Messes on Your Carpet

Sometimes, your pup will mess on the spot in your carpet, and you'll take time before realizing it. The mess of urine might dry invisibly, making it hard to locate. You'll feel this smell from afar without spotting the exact area it's coming from.

In this case:

  • Sniff on the soiled areas of your carpet
  • You can also use a blacklight to identify where the smell is coming from. To do this, turn off all lights, then hold a black light a few feet away from the floor. The pee will be dull green or yellow, but you must smell it to confirm.
  • Once you find it, use a pet-friendly enzymatic cleanser to get rid of the smell.

If The Dog Pee Smell Persists

Well, you can use all the enzymatic cleansers, vinegar, and baking soda concentrations to clean the carpet, but the smell won't go away yet. In this case, you should get your whole carpet cleaned.

Look for professional carpet cleaners around your area to thoroughly clean the whole carpet. You and your lovely friend might opt to go for a walk as the cleaners do their job.

On the other hand, you can decide to clean the entire carpet yourself. It's a hard job, but pretty doable. You need to get a carpet shampooer which does a splendid job in deodorising the urine. You have to brush the carpet thoroughly, though, to remove the spots.

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