How to Deal With Puppy Behaviour Problems?

Posted: 07 Nov 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Deal With Puppy Behaviour Problems?

Puppies are pretty much like young kids. At some point, they are so harmless, doing everything right, but they grow up so fast and start their mischievousness.

As a pet parent, your immediate response involves shaping up your young ones till they exhibit morally upright behaviour. Well, training your pup on how to behave and generally raising it right has never been an easy journey. Sometimes, you will see significant progress; other times, you feel like you are back to square one, but one sure thing is that you will survive!

So, we have prepared this blog to help you know how to deal with puppy behaviour problems. Read on!

4 Ways to Deal With Puppy Behaviour Problems

Smartly Train the Pup

The most common puppy behaviour problem is peeing. Your furry friend will pee in random places such as outside your door, on the couch and on your rug. The best way to beat such unwanted behaviours is proper training.

The only way to prevent the puppy from peeing everywhere, even when it's a mere accident, is by crate training. Basically, create a schedule for peeing and take the pup outside to pee; this can be after meals and immediately before bed. Make the puppy understand that it should not pee in its basket by taking it out of it somewhere else to pee.

Cultivate Good Behaviour Through Play

Depending on the kind of play your pup is involved in, you can use it to foster good behaviour. Games such as competing with humans to run help build the dog's confidence. In other plays you perceive as bad, you can help control the pup's behaviours by warning them about it or stopping them from playing.

Ban Bad Behaviours from the Word Go

Another great way to deal with puppy behaviour problems is by warning it against destructive behaviours before it starts. Some typical lousy behaviour that your pup may take up include chewing, hyperactivity and eating faeces

Puppies want to explore the world by chewing different things. To curb this, limit the area accessible to it and provide interesting toys for it to chew instead. Providing better things to chew early ensures that the pup only eats what is provided.

To deal with hyperactivity, provide lots of exercise to the pup. Also, giving it mentally stimulating games will significantly help deal with the extra energy in the puppy.

Reward Good Behaviours

Providing good treats to the puppy is another excellent way to deal with puppy behaviour problems. You can praise good behaviour when the canine is lying quietly and isn't barking.

If you are walking with the pup and she stays beside you on the leash, give her something great for afterwards. This helps to stem good manners as it grows up.


To effectively deal with puppy behaviour problems, consistency is vital. Everyone around you has to follow the same rules that regard reinforcing good pup behaviour, and you have to train it better more often. As you train your pup, get the best gears from Bully Billows.

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