How to Encourage Your Dog to Play Alone

Posted: 05 Apr 2022 Human Reading Time: 4 Minutes
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How to Encourage Your Dog to Play Alone

Dogs are often trained to be cheerful and seek social connections for their safety. This is mostly a good thing - but this comes with a different set of problems. Spending time alone often becomes difficult for doggos, leading to issues like separation anxiety and depression.

Training a young pup the art of self-involvement and pacification is important, especially for those pet owners who have busy work schedules. One should focus on making their pet handle a small separation without feeling lonely or depressed.

Experts suggest that one of the best ways to achieve this is by training your furry fellow how to play alone - and that’s exactly what we’ll discuss today.

Here’s how you can encourage your dog to play alone

Since dogs are incredibly joyful creatures on this planet, leaving them can be stressful. If you are wondering about some efficient ways to teach your dog to play alone, you have landed on the right spot.

Here are some of the best ways to encourage your dog to play alone:

Practice maintaining distances

For a start, take your puppy to a particular confined area and keep them engaged with chewable toys. Meanwhile, you sneak out of the room and observe their reactions. After a specific duration, step into the room again with applause and a mood-lifting treat. Ensure to repeat this process day by day, along with slowly increasing the time you stay away from them.

Keep the blinds open

While you stay away from your pet, passing time for them becomes a high challenge. By keeping all the curtains and blinds in the house open, they can distract their mind from the separation of their owner. All the things happening outside the home are a great source of entertainment for your pup. Also bringing them their favourite things including toys, dog collars and food can be a delight for them.

Give your dog some space

Staying away doesn't mean that you can't be in contact with your pup. If your dog is out there on the lawn while you send your essential emails - your dog won't experience separation anxiety. Since he is aware you are in there, he'll be able to delightfully play even when you are not standing beside your dog. Instead, you can encourage him while he overcomes all the occurring hurdles all by himself.

Create happy associations

Keeping your pups idle while they remain in their confined areas can quickly cook recipes for various troubles. Please provide them with constructive things to do whenever they feel bored in their confinement. This can primarily include chewable toys and attractive accessories such as dog collars and leashes. Even a soothing track would keep his mind off all the distressing things happening around him.

Be mindful of the sounds

There's a significant difference between subtle music playing in the background and the irritating noises evolving from specific electronic devices. If you have been thinking of switching on the radio while you step out - make sure how it'll affect your pet. Do note that not all dog breeds entertain high volumes being played in their surroundings, so make sure you are striking the right balance here.

In addition to encouraging your dogs to play alone, you must know the games and activities they can engage in, without compromising their safety and wellbeing. Here are some ideas that you can use to make your dog play without you or anyone known.

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Best games that your dogs can play alone

Before you encourage your dog to play alone, surround him with his favourite toys, including tennis balls, a dog Muttini collection, a Kong Rubber Flyer and much more. Here are the Top Games your pup can play by himself:

Tennis ball and muffin baking-tray puzzle game

Puzzle games are one of the exciting things for your cute little pups, and they help in gauging extensive intelligence in your dog along with sharpening their skills. The muffin baking tray puzzle game is a fun-filled enjoyment for any dog breed of different sizes.

You need to take a nonstick muffin baking tray and a few tennis balls along with delightful treats. Fill a few holes with your dog's favourite joy and cover them all with the tennis ball. Through this enthralling game, your dog would stay occupied while finding out which hole has a treat and which does not. Great, isn't it?

Chase the ball

This game is quite exciting for your boring little pet involving a sizeable ball and an open field. The motive of this game is to catch the ball as it rolls through the area.

At first, play with your dog before you leave him alone to play all by himself. When thrown, make sure your dog chases the ball. Repeat this process and gradually make him learn the art of self-sufficiency to play whenever he gets bored.

Tennis ball container brain game

Brain games are excellent opportunities to teach your dog to overcome a few problem-solving challenges. This unique game would keep your dog wholly engrossed while you run errands for your boss.

Take an empty, transparent tennis ball container and cut some holes at its centre. Fill it with your pup's favourite treats and slightly lock the cap. Leave the container in a prominent place, and eventually, your dog will roll the container to get hold of his most cherished snacks. This game is genuinely fascinating since it keeps your pup engaged throughout.

Importance of teaching your pet to play alone

By staying with your pet all the time along with excessive pampering, you are not helping them in any way. Instead, you make separations an inevitable stage that can hurt them later on.

You can't be with your pet for every second of your life, and this is why you'll have to leave them on their own. Encouraging your pup to play alone would prove beneficial for his own life, and it majorly contributes to reducing excess energy along with immense stress.

Wrapping up

However, keeping them happy remains the top priority. This happens when you initiate changes in their everyday lifestyle, and change is necessary, whether it is their toys, dog collars, leashes, or any other accessory.

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