How to Introduce a Collar or Harness to Your Puppy?

Posted: 25 Mar 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Introduce a Collar or Harness to Your Puppy?

Some dogs take on a leash from day one whereas others find it very difficult to attach themselves to something they do not like! Well, a dog without a leash is like a tree without branches. Accessories like leashes, collars or harnesses complete the experience of having a dog. Such dog products are not just accessories, however, they are vital for the overall development of your pet.

In order to get your puppy used to collars or harnesses, it is essential to get him accustomed to a leash since his early days. In puppy days, a dog can get easily used to this in no time at all. The ideal age for introducing a dog leash is about six months. At this specific age, they are neither considered babies nor grown-ups, so there lies a huge potential to train them successfully.

Choosing the right collar or harness for your dog!

It does not matter whether you have a small dog or a large dog, you will need to find out the different harness or collar options if your dog tends to pull hard or difficult to control on a leash. You must first try a harness, however, if that does not work then you should consider choke type collars that are usually more preferred among bigger, stronger dogs. These dog collars offer greater flexibility and allow you to walk at your own pace without making the dog uncomfortable.

When it comes to buying the perfect dog collar and harness for your dog, the task can be often overwhelming. There are not only endless different styles on the market but also a vast range of designs and materials to choose from, leading to a lot of confusion for dog owners.

Find out what kind of material is best for your dog, what kind of design is appropriate for the breed and how you intend to use the harness and collar for the long walks. For dog owners to clear up the confusion around choosing top accessories, research is the best way.

There are many collars out there to choose from when finding the right one for your dog. These range from flay nylon, leather buckle collars, choke chains, prong collars and harnesses. For your puppy, it’s wise to go with a regular flat nylon adjustable collar. Since puppies grow fast, having a collar you can adjust will save you from buying a new collar every two weeks.

For the style-conscious, there is nothing better than owning a product than mix and match type items. This gives you a perfect blend of practicality and style when you take your dog out for a walk.

Choosing the right dog accessories for your pet is just as crucial as training him in the first place. Whether harness or collar, it's better to start using one from his or her puppy days. This way your puppy will get used to it and you won’t have to train them again and again. Remember, a dog takes a considerable amount of time to learn anything new, so it is vital you start as early as possible.

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