How to Lead Train a Puppy?

Posted: 26 Nov 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Lead Train a Puppy?

No experience is worse than a puppy pulling on the lead. It is tiresome for both you and your little pup, and it makes the walk dreadful.

If your puppy is continuously pulling the lead with all their force and refuses to walk comfortably with it, it indicates that you are walking/controlling them physically rather than happily trotting by your side like a well-trained dog. Things may get worse when your pup turns into a big doggo; their physical strength increases and it becomes difficult for you to control them. In such a case, you need to be extra careful, especially if you have a larger and stronger canine breed.

From our knowledge, a little training can make life easier for you and your beloved puppy. With proper training, they will enjoy walking with the lead in no time. Keep in mind that it is important to train them at a young age so that they start walking right at the time of adulthood.

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Simple tips to lead train a puppy

Make them habitual of wearing a collar

Your pup must feel comfortable in their collar.

Start with making them wear lightweight nylon webbing collars so that it will not feel them weighted. Also, make sure the collar is well-fitted and has enough room to get your two fingers comfortably underneath it. Check their collar regularly and adjust if needed.

Increase the period of making them wearing the collar, and with time, they will stop noticing that they are wearing it.

Practice walk attaching a lead to their collar

Attach the lead to the collar of your pet before taking them to walk. Your pup needs to get habitual of walking the lead, along with the collar. Keep the lead slack and follow your dog while walking. The pup will barely notice it which makes your training a lot easier.

Tip: Keep the lead loose so they will not feel resistance while walking.

Associate entertainment with lead

Entertain and give them toys and treats while wearing the lead so that they can associate it with fun time. Otherwise, the puppy feels stress every time you make them wear lead. This way the pup cooperates to put on the lead.

Venture outside

Once the puppy accepts to wear the lead, take them out for a walk. Initially, it will be a new experience for your puppy to see a lot of new sights, listen to new sounds, and sensing new smells. It can be overwhelming for them experiencing strange things but it will become normal for them with time.

Teach them in a quiet area

Generally, puppies are excited and enthusiastic, so you need a quiet space for the training purpose. This way, they learn the things easily and follow them effortlessly in the busier areas.

Reward them

Every time they show good behavior, reward them with their favorite treats. This will make them feel happy and loved, and they’ll accept wearing leads with relative ease.

By following these tips you can train your puppy more quickly and effortlessly.

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