More Simple Tips to Clean Your Dog Collars

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More Simple Tips to Clean Your Dog Collars

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For centuries dogs are said to be the ‘man’s best friend’. Even today, dogs are an inseparable part of a family. Living with a dog is no doubt a beautiful feeling.

Importance of Clean Dog Collars

The health and happiness of a dog are the priority for a canine parent. Dogs need a lot of care and attention, and we need to keep them healthy.

Apart from general hygiene and grooming, one needs to take care of the dog’s safety. A dog collar with an ID tag and license is a must to enhance the safety of the dog. They need a collar also because they need something on which they can hang their leash, ID, rabies vaccination tag, and license.

Dogs wear their collars for long periods. It makes it essential to keep the dog collar clean. A dirty dog collar is home to bacterias. It may cause skin sores or infections in your dog. You don’t want your furry friend to have painful hot spots on their skin.

So if the dog collar looks dirty or/and is smelling, know that it’s time to give it a good wash. Here are some tips to clean a dog collar.

Use Baking Soda

Take one spoon of baking soda and mix it in some warm water until it dissolves completely. All types of conventional dog collars can be cleaned with the help of this mixture. Always remember to remove the collar from the dog’s neck before cleaning it.

Dip a toothbrush into the mixture, and clean the collar by gently bruising it. Hold the collar under a running tap and clean the solution from the collar. Now hang the collar on a rope.

If the collar is made up of leather, do not hang it in the contact of direct sunlight. The leather may get cracks in it.

Before you get started, wear rubber gloves. Don’t touch the mixture with naked hands. It can cause dryness and irritation, especially if your skin is sensitive to baking soda.

Use Peppermint Soap

This method removes the odour from the dog collar. It is an excellent technique to clean a leather collar, especially when your dog has been swimming in smelly water lately.

The first step is to remove the collar from your dog’s neck. The second is to massage the collar with peppermint soap. Then brush the collar gently with the help of a toothbrush. Clean visible spots or grime on the collar and clean the entire collar to get rid of the odour. Rinse the collar with hot water and then smell the collar. If it smells bad even after washing, repeat the steps until the bad smell is gone.

Use the Dishwasher

This method is not suitable for leather collars. But it is useful to clean other types of collars. Place the collar in your dishwasher on the top rack and attach it to the basket. This way, it’ll not fall during the wash. Set the machine on the regular wash mode. Once done, hang the collar to dry it after the wash.

Use of Vinegar

This method is only applicable to synthetic dog collars like polyester and nylon collars. Vinegar does not help clean collars made up of natural things like wool or leather.

The first step is to remove the collar from your dog’s neck.

To make the mixture, mix baking soda and vinegar in equal portions. Dip the collar into the solution and leave it there. Take the collar out after 20-25 minutes. Rinse it with water properly. The collar is now clean.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Remove the collar from the neck of the dog. Immerse the collar in hydrogen peroxide and leave it there for about an hour and fifteen minutes. To rinse hydrogen peroxide from the collar, use slightly soapy water. Rinse the collar in it properly. Once it’s clean, hang it somewhere in the open air to let it dry.

Use Dog Shampoo

It’s a wrong assumption that metal collars don't get dirty. Metal collars start to smell if not cleaned in a long time. The smell can pass to the dog easily.

One of the easiest ways to clean the metal collar is by using dog shampoo. The first step is to remove the collar from your dog’s neck. Take a small amount of shampoo and dissolve it in a small bowl of warm water. Dip the collar in it. Leave it for at least twenty minutes and then remove it and rinse it with clean water. Once you get rid of all the dust and dirt, use a towel to dry the collar.

Dog shampoo is beneficial because it’ll not irritate your dog. Using regular soap or shampoo can cause a problem for your cute friend.

You can use the dig shampoo for deodorizing the dog as well. It keeps your canine friend fresh and clean and helps him smell good.

Whether it’s a stinky leather collar or nylon collar, cleaning collars is very easy with the aforementioned tips.

Remember, whenever your buddy takes a bath, clean their collars at the same time. Consistency is very important. Keep cleaning the dog collar at regular intervals. It’ll save your canine friend from a lot of irritation and itchiness and keep them happy and healthy.

Also, keep in mind that no matter how nicely you take care of the dog collar, it can’t last forever. With even the most durable material, it’ll be spoilt in a few years. It may lose its shape or start tearing up. In either case, don’t be shy of getting your dog a new dog collar.

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