Tips to Manage the Post–Pandemic Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Tips to Manage the Post–Pandemic Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Did you know that over 7 million dogs have suffered from post-pandemic -separation anxiety?

The pandemic has been one of the leading causes of separation anxiety in dogs since now the owners are returning to offices. This means that dogs have less time to interact with their parents, unlike before.

Now that human interaction with dogs is reduced, they will suffer from separation anxiety. However, it's fixable.

Our blog explores top tips to manage post-pandemic separation anxiety in dogs. Let's dive in!

Top 5 Tips to Deal With Post-Covid Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Designate a Safe Space for the Dog

One way to manage the post-pandemic separation anxiety in dogs is by creating a safe space for it. This means you organise a room or a crate and make it as comfortable and fun as possible. Add toys, a good mattress, and water to the room.

Your dog will feel better even when alone. Therefore, it can enjoy peaceful and relaxing alone time when away.

Keep the Dog Active

You can also deal with the post-pandemic separation anxiety in dogs by keeping them active. A dog full of energy needs to remain active throughout the day; otherwise, It might become bored and stressed.

So ensure your dog stays on top of its energy by highly engaging it in any activity. Give it a toy to play with when you are away. Alternatively, hide treats in the house that it can look for to remain active throughout the day.

Teach the Pup Independence

Teaching your dog how to be independent plays a big role in its coping once you separate. Once you get back to your daily work routine, understand that your furry friend will be alone for the better part of the day so teaching how to rely on itself is key.

You can start by giving your dog a yummy treat and moving away from it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then gradually increase the time you leave the dog alone and the distance, still leaving it with a treat at hand. With time your pup will cope with being left alone – However, ensure that you find a way to reduce the treats so that this habit does not build.

Keep Your Goodbyes Low Key

When trying to depart from your dog, you can make sure you do it without the pup noticing. Prolonging the goodbye time increases the pet's anxiety.

So, find a subtle way of leaving your dog. Leave your premises without making a fuss about it. This way, it stays calm and less anxious when you are away.

Also, try to vary your routine before leaving the house. Doing similar things each day makes the dog know when you are about to leave, making it anxious.

Leave Gadgets On

You can also manage the separation anxiety in dogs by leaving the TV and music on. Background noise makes the dog worry less, unlike when it's super quiet.

Tip: Leaving your scent behind also calms the dog. Be sure to tuck it on the dogs' bed before departing for a less anxious dog when away.


We hope the tips above will help you manage separation anxiety in dogs. If your dog's anxiety worsens, it's important to seek professional help.

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