Top 3 Tips for Stress-Free Dog Walks

Posted: 09 Nov 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Top 3 Tips for Stress-Free Dog Walks

Who said walking dogs is easy? For your dog, it's a pleasure and potentially something they yearn for before the day ends or in the early morning. However, if dog parents had the option to opt out, they would!

Whether you like it or not, you must bring your canine out for a walk once in a while. The pup needs exercise and time to interact with other things, dogs and people. Walking your dog is also perfect for creating a strong bond with it.

Now, your walk doesn’t have to be chaotic, but sometimes it's hard to control the dog. However, we have made it easy for you! So, follow these top 3 tips for stress-free dog walks!

3 Tips for Easy and Stress-Free Dog Walks

Bring Treats Along

For a stress-free walk, have some treats for your pup. The charm can be something to eat or a toy the dog loves. Dogs love rewards but only give them when they have done a great job during the walk.

So, check the behaviour of your furry friend when walking. Reward it for not barking at other dogs, responding to greetings politely, loose-leash walking and many more.

Basically, if the dog behaves in a manner you like, reward it. This helps reinforce the behaviour, so it learns there is something for it when it stays calm and behaves well, your walks will also be more manageable.

Have the Right Equipment for The Walk

You don't just go for a walk with your dog unprepared; it will stress you! So having the correct gears at hand will surely come in handy and give you a seamless time on your little adventure.

The first tool that you should never leave behind is a lead/leash. Make sure you have the softest and anti-tangle slip lead for a leisurely walk time. A good lead also does not move once in place, so you give you greater control over your pup.

Further, you can put a harness on your furry friend for the walk. Make sure that it’s super comfortable and allows the dog to make any movements. For easy handling of your pooch, it has a grab handle to gain control of the dog in case of emergencies.

Avoid the Pull

Often your dog will pull during the walk, which is quite overwhelming for dog parents. You can avoid this by using a no-pull harness that ideally reduces the pressure on the dog's neck. The dog will feel comfortable and not pull as you walk.

Alongside using a harness, learn the no-pull technique when walking on a leash. When the dog starts to pull in a direction different from where you are heading, walk off in another direction without releasing the leash. It will soon learn to relax the leash as you move.


The main tip for stress-free dog walks is to ensure your canine does not feel restrained by the leash. Also, make their comfort your utmost priority, and your walks will be much more relaxing for the pup and easy for you.

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