Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying a French Bulldog

Posted: 26 Jul 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying a French Bulldog

Frenchies, or French bulldogs, are among the most popular dog breeds. With a small but sturdy body, bat ears, and wrinkly faces, french bulldogs are entertaining and affectionate.

A french bulldog is an excellent choice if you live in a dry or moderate climate, and their short stature and low activity requirements make them ideal for city living. Having a French bulldog in the house can benefit people from all walks of life, from singles to large families.

If you are planning to bring home a French bulldog, here are the top 5 things that you should know:

They are quiet but communicative

French bulldogs are not loud, and you are most likely to hear soft barks, whines, and gargles. Frenchies are rapid learners and quick responders, and they can pick up on their owners' wide variety of sounds, words, and body language. The Frenchie will still alert you if it senses danger, but unlike guard dogs that bark loudly, the Frenchie does not have a predisposition to this.

They are not much involved in outdoor activities

Despite their love of jumping, running, and playing, Frenchies don't necessitate being outside to do so. However, any dog will need the right amount of exercise, so it is advised to take them for two short walks every day. And it is acceptable to let your dog spend the rest of the day indoors. Also, you should know that the front-ended bodies of French bulldogs make them incapable of swimming, and it is not a good idea to let your bulldog into a pool.

They are intelligent and independent

French bulldogs are regarded as an intelligent and well-behaved breed. You will probably not be able to get away with much if you're under the watchful eye of a French bulldog. They are generally friendly pets who get along well with people and other animals. Despite their laid-back temperaments, they're a joy to be around.

They have specific health risks

French Bulldogs are adorable and affectionate, but they come with many inherited health risks. As a new Frenchie owner, getting your dog frequent vet visits and doing your research is crucial because health issues can quickly build up.

French Bulldogs are among the healthiest breeds of bulldogs, so it's unlikely they are ill. Most of the health issues that may affect French bulldogs are inherited, and Frenchies are prone to hearing loss, hip dysplasia, cherry eye, respiratory problems, heatstroke, and cataracts. As with any other breed, French bulldogs are susceptible to developing allergies in their lives.

They are easy to groom

Like most dog breeds, a French bulldog has to be groomed regularly. However, grooming can be done less frequently because of their short coats and low shedding of hair. Moreover, it is less likely that Frenchies spend time outside, so you don't have to worry about them getting dirty fast. Brushing your dog once a week with a medium-bristle brush, hound glove, or rubber grooming mitt can bring your dog fully groomed. However, make sure your dog is groomed enough to avoid allergies.

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