3 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Their Harness

Posted: 01 Jun 2021 Human Reading Time: 1 Minutes
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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Their Harness

Every dog lover is concerned about his dog's wellness and safety, especially when the dog is hyperactive and likes to run. Harness training holds the utmost importance in this case. The use of collars is not a good idea as it is hazardous to the neck structures, instead, a harness provides better safety than a collar. Through proper harness training, numerous accidents can be avoided.

Training your dog to wear a harness is not an easy job, as many dogs hate wearing a harness. Many dogs back away when they see the owners coming with a harness, running in the opposite direction and creating a fuss.

While there are many reasons why dogs hate their harness, here are the most common ones:

1. The harness does not fit well

Tight harnesses can be quite annoying and put severe pressure, which is disturbing for the dog to move freely. No dog would want to wear an uncomfortable harness.

Always pay full attention to the size chart of the harness while buying it. Ensure you note the chest, neck, and back measurements of your dog and compare them with the harness size. The two should coordinate. After buying a reasonable size, you should adjust it properly on your dog for a perfect and comfortable fit. For increased comfort, go for the soft padded harness. This will not give your dog an impression of being controlled. It'll be able to move freely and enjoy the walk.

2. They associate the harness with a negative experience

Dogs can associate things with a positive or a negative incident. Not all dogs get happy seeing a harness and get ready for a walk. For many, it may remind them of a painful or frustrating incident. This can be associated with some past troublesome events with their previous owners or pals. If your dog has a history of getting injured because of a tight harness, they might be unwilling to wear it again. Moreover, they can also associate wearing a harness with a punishment, believing that they are responsible for getting it on their neck.

3. Your dog is a homebody

Most dogs love strolls, but your dog might not be one of them. Some dogs like to stay at home rather than going out for a walk, hiking, or any other adventure. They know the harness is a sign of getting out of their comfort zone for some outdoor activity; that is why they create a mess as soon as they see you bringing out the harness. This can be due to some medical issue or simply because your dog is an introvert and likes home. Consulting a professional can help solve this problem.

There is always a reason behind your dog acting a certain way. Try to find out that reason and address that so that both you and your dog's needs can be satisfied. If you’re looking for comfortable dog harnesses, shop the best-quality at Bully Billows.

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