Top 3 Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Posted: 31 Oct 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Top 3 Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Halloween is a fun time for most people. However, have you ever thought about how it might be for your pup? Well, some pets love the hustle and bustle it brings, but it's a nightmare for others.

The fear, costumed visitors and unusual activities going on during Halloween eve threatens many dogs. Typically, this event interrupts the normal day for the pups, making them feel uncomfortable and anxious. For dogs that find this night spooky, it's important to ensure you make yours feel protected and safe.

In this blog, we have prepared 3 Halloween safety tips for dog owners. These tips are easy to follow for stress-free and safe pets!

3 Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Treats and Candies Are Not for Dogs

We start with the most obvious safety tip! Do not give your dog the treats and candies you take during Halloween. Of course, the Halloween holiday cannot be complete without these sweet accompaniments – But eat them alone!

Most of the candies and chocolate people take during Halloween are poisonous to dogs. Chocolates, for instance, may cause seizures, diarrhoea and rapid breathing in the pups.

Further, most Halloween candies have an artificial sweetener known as xylitol that’s toxic to dogs. It can drop blood sugar levels in dogs and make the dog lose coordination.

So, ensure that candies and chocolate are out of reach from your dog during Halloween. If you suspect the pup has eaten something poisonous, call your veterinarian.

Be Cautious With The Dogs’ Halloween Costume

You also need to be alert to the costume your pet wears during Halloween. Ensure that what your furry friend will wear isn't dangerous and does not annoy them.

Simply consider your pets’ personality and what they can tolerate before wearing any costume. Do not put your dog in a Halloween costume unless you know he will love it.

In addition, the costume you select for your canine should not limit its movement or make it impossible for the pet to breathe. Also, ensure that you check it out for chewable pieces that can cause choking and the possibility of the fit causing injury to the dog.

Keep The Dog Away From Dangerous Halloween Decorations

Another Halloween safety tip for dog owners is to ensure that their pups are not close to dangerous Halloween decorations. Before decorating your home for this big day, take your dog to a 'safe room'.

Remember, it's Halloween, so there will be many new decorations in your space, like fake spiders. These often pose threats to the dogs, so they will, of course, be frightened.

Lit candles during Halloween time can cause fire hazards to pets. Glow sticks and fake blood, on the other hand, are poisonous and not forgetting the rubber eyeballs your dog might chew can cause choking.

Also, you can opt to use electric and battery-powered decorations, but still, your dog can chew on them, so there is a risk of electric shock. So, be on the watch out for your pet all through to avoid hazards or, better yet, lock them in a safer room.


As you celebrate Halloween, do not forget that it can be a nightmare for your furry friend. So the above Halloween safety tips for dog owners will come in handy to ensure their canines are safe and happy.

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