5 Dog Behaviors and Their Meaning

Posted: 18 Dec 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Dog Behaviors and Their Meaning

If you have a dog at home, you might have seen them doing little bizarre things at times. Well, dogs exhibit different behaviors on different occasions. Sometimes their behavior is easy to understand, but on other occasions, they can be weirdly different, which could be tricky to figure out.

If you are also the one who is struggling to understand your dog’s behavior, you are in the right place. This blog explains five types of common behavior that will give you a peek into your dog’s mind. It will help you relate it to your dog’s behavior and learn how to interact with it; so, you will be in a state to help it. So, let’s begin with the common behaviors of dogs in the section below:

Interpreting 5 Dog Behaviors and the Meaning Behind it

Have you ever witnessed your dog biting or licking you at times but couldn’t understand the meaning behind it? Here you will learn five types of common dog behavior that you can relate to real-life incidents and pay attention to your dog’s needs. So, let’s begin with the interpretation:

  1. Biting

When you bring home a new dog, it generally bites you. However, this happens when your dog learns to interact with you or during training. It is normal initially, but the problem arises when your dog regularly exhibits the same behavior over and over. It could be out of fear or anxiety; so, you need to understand what triggers it. If you aren’t able to control your dog’s biting habit, consider taking help from a professional trainer or veterinary behaviorist.

  1. Digging

If you have noticed your dog digging in the ground, don’t worry, it's completely normal. It could be due to many reasons where your dog may be trying to escape, making a perfect spot to lie down, or hide something. Well, this happens during the nights at nap time, where your dog wants a cozy spot to relax. However, if your dog starts digging in everything it sees, like blankets or furniture, it is something to bother. You must consult a professional to control this bad habit.

  1. Growling

If your dog starts producing low growls without barking, it is just trying to be protective in conditions where it feels threatened. Your dog may become aggressive within a matter of seconds and attack people around. Apart from this, if your dog is making soft growls, it is alert, anxious, or in a playful mood. Well, if he continually exhibits the same behavior, maybe something's fishy around, and it is trying to convey. It is best to take a professional’s help in understanding the issue with your dog.

  1. Circling

You might have seen your dog circling while chasing its tail, which is a fun thing to watch. However, if this happens regularly, there could be a big issue beneath the surface. It could be due to ear infection, poisoning, or brain tumor, while some suffer due to idiopathic vestibular syndrome. So, take this issue seriously and consider taking help from a vet. Regular checkups with a vet will better determine the cause.

  1. Panting

Panting is also one of the common dog behaviors, where you might see your dog expelling heat from the mouth. It is common in dogs because they do so to regulate their body temperature. However, it may also be due to pain when it is injured. So, always keep your dog hydrated so that it doesn’t pant. If he continues to do so, your dog is in pain. Immediately contact your vet and don’t hesitate to take his help.

Above were some common dog behaviors that may help you relate with your dog. If your dog is experiencing any of the above behavior, consider booking an appointment with a professional dog trainer or a vet. Meanwhile, if you need any dog supplies, contact BullyBillows, and give your furry friend a little special treatment.

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