5 Effective Tips to Raise a Smart Dog

Posted: 12 Mar 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Effective Tips to Raise a Smart Dog

Your four-legged friends often serve you with a firm companionship at all times. Not only do pet dogs add to your stress-busters, but they also help you remain active and healthy. Pets are believed to be improving one's heart health and activating their social sites. Having a dog is sure to give you a great craic, especially when it turns out to be a smarter one!

"Heyy, is your dog smart eh?"

Dogs are mostly referred to as smart when they acquire the ability to act upon set commands. These skills vary from one dog breed to another, while differing in their grasping powers. Your "Tommy" might be able to sit when you order but refuse to shake hands just because he hasn't learned it yet. As Michael Ellis rightly stated, "The answer to any question- It depends on the dog."

It is vital to train your dog in a constructive manner that leads to its overall development. Dog owners have the liberty to raise their pets in their preferred styles. A mindful upbringing with appropriate inputs all the way can make a dog understand things better.

So here are the top 5 useful tips to help you raise a smart dog:

  • Start Early
  • Dog training is advised to be initiated from the start itself. Begin to nurture your pet as soon as you get it home.

    Starting with the basic technique of name repetition can be quite useful. Hearing a word multiple times on its arrival makes the dog associate its response to the name. In this way, your dog should be accustomed to his name in just no time.

    Training can either be done at home or with the help of an expert trainer. While continuously looking after your pet dog, you can also choose the best dog trainers to start with the task.

  • Challenge
  • Your dog is yet another living creature who loves to be challenged. Putting hurdles into these pets' daily activities causes them to apply their minds and take appropriate actions extensively.

    This can be achieved by multiple mind-stimulating games and puzzles that compel the dogs to solve their problem at hand. These can include hide-and-seek games, fetching activities, and sniffing challenges.

    To tame the dog better and restrict its movement in dangerous areas, dog collars aid greatly. They imbibe a sense of ownership and also assist in finding the dog back if lost someday.

  • Reward
  • Dogs love to get treated for their achievements. This motivates them to continue doing whatever they are for getting more rewards. Recognizing the efforts being put in serves dogs to strive even more.

  • Continued Learning
  • Training is a gradual process without a finite end. Your dog is capable of learning each day. Continue to feed words to your pet to make it more aware over time.

    Taking your pet dog outside consistently and making it aware of the surroundings, people, and other dogs helps create a familiar environment.

  • Emotional Connect
  • Studies show that these furry friends are as much attached to us, as we tend to be with them. The surreal bond lets the pet know when their loved owner feels low.

    This emotional connection, mutual on both ends, leads to more learning time together. Personalized dog collars can also help form a bond and ease firm training.

    Pet dogs have always been a man's best friend and will continue to do so. They add a purpose in life while still being there with you, throughout. Their training and necessary supplies must be taken with the utmost consideration.

    To have the best dog training products, reach out to us here, and we will guide you in your journey to becoming a dog-owner of the smartest pet ever!

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