5 Popular Dog Training Methods

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5 Popular Dog Training Methods

Welcoming a dog to your home is one of the most beautiful life experiences for a family. Having a little four-pawed fur baby and taking care of it and loving it unconditionally is an overwhelmingly happy feeling.

However, petting a dog comes with its own set of challenges. One of them is dog training. It ensures that your dog behaves well and knows what to do when you give a specific command. Untrained dogs can create havoc and make your life difficult. Hence, you need to learn some effective dog training methods before you get a dog.

Moreover, dogs are not only our cute, furry little friends. They are our responsibility. So if you have one, you must raise it right.

Below are the most popular dog training methods that can come in handy for you. Learn them well.

Best Dog Training Methods a Dog Parent Should Know

1. Rewards-Based Dog or Positive Reinforcement Training

The rewards-based method relies on positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviour in your dog. You reward your dog with treats or praise whenever it does something good. This system works well because dogs are naturally inclined to work for things they want, such as food and affection.

However, this type of training is not suitable for every dog as some dogs might become dependent on the rewards. Hence, they become accustomed to rewards and lose interest in doing anything without receiving appreciation or a treat.

2. Clicker Training

Clicker Training has gained a lot of popularity over the years because it's easy to implement and is quite simple to do as well. The method uses a clicker or a whistle to mark good behavior. This way, the animal knows what behavior they need to repeat to get rewarded with treats or other things they love.

3. Negative Reinforcement Training

Negative reinforcement involves applying pressure or unpleasant feelings to correct unwanted behavior. This type of training is highly effective for getting your dog to stop doing something it shouldn't be doing in the first place.

For example, if your pup jumps on people when they come to visit, you can use verbal commands and physical corrections, such as pulling them back down or using a firm "no".

Remember, negative reinforcement should not include physical punishment or a harsh tone.

4. Science-Based Training

Science-based dog training is an approach that utilizes the most recent reliable research on dog behavior and learning theory to provide a guide for training your dog. The science-based approach is, by its very nature, practical and efficient.

In this, you reward your dog for desired behaviors. However, if they perform inappropriate behavior, you take the rewards away.

Anyone who wishes to train their dog well can use it and enjoy a happy, healthy relationship with their canine companion.

5. Alpha Dog Training

Trainers use alpha dog training techniques to teach dogs how to be the lead dog in a group of dogs. This type of training can be used on more than one dog and can help to make them work together as a team.

Alpha dog training involves rewards, such as affection and treats to strengthen the bond between humans and pets. The training itself involves associating certain commands with physical responses so that the animal learns to do what he needs to do by himself, without needing constant guidance from its trainer.

No matter the training method you choose for your dog, be consistent with it. Over time, your dog will adopt the methods and be fully trained.

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