5 Super Cute Dog Toys You Can Make at Your Home

Posted: 09 Feb 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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5 Super Cute Dog Toys You Can Make at Your Home

Dogs are the most loving creatures who live with us like a family. These creatures deserve some special attention and love. However, as much as we want to, we can’t spend all of our time with our pets. When they are inattentive, they find ways to entertain themselves by different activities, such as pulling on toys and chewing things around. It is a general dog behaviour.

Knowing their love for toys, we have curated a list of cute dog toys that your canine is going to love. The best part is you can make them at home easily.

PS: It also helps you save your furniture from getting chewed.

DIY Dog Toys

1. Crunchy Plastic Bottle Toy

Dogs find satisfaction in chewing crunchy plastic bottles. So why not turn it into a toy for them.

  • Take a clean plastic bottle.
  • Remove its cap and attached plastic ring.
  • Wrap around a clean sock or beautiful cloth of your choice on it.

That’s all! You are ready with a would-be favourite toy of your furry.

Make different toys with different sizes of plastic bottles. Remember, you must supervise them while they play with this toy in the beginning.

2. Rope Ball Toy

Almost all dogs love to play the tug game. Not only is it their favourite, but it tires them mentally and physically(which is good for their health). The good news is, now you can have a tug toy easily at home at no cost. It just requires a piece of rope and a tennis ball.

  • Make a hole across the ball. The hole should be large enough to pass the rope through.
  • Take the rope through the ball and tie knots at both ends to keep the ball in place.

That’s it! You have your DIY rope ball ready. You can also braid an old fabric to use at the place of rope.

3. Socktopus

Dogs love to chew socks. And usually, they chew our one sock from the pair. So why not offer them a socks’ toy to play with.

  • Take a colourful sock and stuff it with other socks.
  • Tie the opening with a ribbon to create an octopus head.
  • Cut the open end of socks into 3-4 strips to make octopus legs.
  • Braid some ribbons with the strips to create stiff and colourful legs.
  • Draw the face of the octopus using a marker.

And voila! Your dog now has a personal Socktopus.

4. Fetch or Tug T-Shirt Toy

This toy is easy to make and can be used in two ways - to play fetch or tug. You just need a couple of old t-shirts to make it.

  • Take t-shirts and cut them into strips.
  • Now braid the strips together and knot on both ends to secure.

Your fetch or tug t-shirt toy is ready. Have fun with your beloved pet!

5. Interactive Dog Feeder

What is better than having treats and doing mental exercise altogether.

  • Cut PVC pipe into 6 and 12 inches.
  • Make 5-6 half inch holes all over the pipe.
  • Now sand and smoothen the drilled holes for a neat texture.
  • Clean the pipes and caps with warm water and soap. Allow them to dry.
  • Seal the ends of the feeder using PVC caps. Unglue one side for cleaning and filling purposes.
  • Fill the feeder with kibbles. You can also create a fun toy filling jingle bells in it. It will let your beloved dog play safely with bells without reaching it.

Interesting, is it not? Your dog can now have fun while enjoying the treats.

Make your dog happier with these super cute dog toys, and have loads of fun with your furry friend.

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