6 Simple Tips for Walking Two Dogs at Once

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6 Simple Tips for Walking Two Dogs at Once

If you are an owner of two dogs, people might ask you, how do you walk two dogs at once?

Well, it is an obvious question because handling two dogs may seem fun but is equally challenging. The task is to be taken sincerely and with a plan.

However, the answer depends on how the dogs get along well. We don’t think you would want them at arm’s length and fighting terribly. In this blog, we will be discussing a few tips that will help you walk two dogs at once.

Let’s begin!

Six Useful Tips to Walk Two Dogs at One Go

  • Plan Beforehand

  • By planning we mean you should know what you can expect when you are walking two dogs at once. The reason behind planning is to make sure that things remain in your control and dogs get along with the pace. Also, map out a route with the least distractions for a smooth encounter. Otherwise, if you have a lot of distractions like traffic, noises, dogs barking on your way, the entire walking session may head another way that you will not like.

    Keep some food and water with you as your dogs perspire and lose water from the body when they walk. They may not tell you, but you have to take your responsibility seriously and carry appropriate dog food and water with you when you are heading for a walk with your dogs.

  • Get a Backup Walker for Yourself

  • When you are walking two dogs at once, you may get tired, your arms may start aching due to holding the leash for long hours. Bring a partner if you can who could help you when you are tired and take control of the dogs. However, you must make sure that the dogs get along really well with the other person as well. Consider bringing one from your home that your dogs are acquainted with and like being with them.

  • Leash Train Your Dogs

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    Train your dog for leash walking using a leash or harness first. It will help your dog develop the understanding of leash training and once it gets the hang of it, your walking session will be smooth. Moreover, you would be able to easily contain them in case they give the leash a jerk initially.

    If you leash train your dogs properly, it will teach them discipline, obedience, and cooperation. Once your dogs start cooperating with you while being tied with a leash, they will advance to other skills like healing, walking politely through the distractions and crowd. This way, your dogs will start demonstrating appropriate behavior and interactions.

    However, if you are looking for premium quality leashes and harnesses, consider checking BullyBillows. Here you will get some really cool leads, leashes, collars, and harnesses that are a must-have for dog training.

  • Holding the Leash the Right Way

  • When you are walking two dogs at once, holding it the right way is the key. Animal behaviorist Alana Stevenson, emphasizes developing proper leash technique. She says, “Improving and developing your leash skills and holding the leash correctly helps you control your dog, prevents you from jerking and yanking on his neck, and frees one of your hands so that you can give him treats or carry something he values on the walk.”

    Use the leash according to the situation. Supposedly, your dogs pull back or refuse to listen to you, you can shorten the leash to take control of the situation. So, using the leash the right way will help you with different scenarios such as escapes, injuries to yourself, control aggressive behavior of your dogs, and negative reinforcement.

  • Keep the Dogs Close to Your Body

  • Another simple yet crucial trick to walking two dogs at once is to keep them by your side during the entire walking session. If they see distractions on the route, tighten the grip that will distract them to look opposite the direction they discovered the interruption. When the dogs are close to the side of your body, they can see your command and will trot obediently. This way, You both can experience long relaxing strolls and explore the route and the neighborhoods while staring at each other adorably.

  • Reward Your Pooch

  • When your dogs have cooperated with you throughout the walking session and demonstrated appropriate behavior, do reward them for their nice behavior and disciplined walk. This practice of rewarding your dog is called positive reinforcement that will encourage your dogs to become good walkers.

    When they get fun treats after a tiring walk session, it will go a long way and will help you develop a better relationship with them.

    Above were a few tips that will help you walk two dogs at once. Let us know through the comments below if we have missed anything.

    We hope you find the blog useful and informative. For more such interesting and informative topics about dogs and dog training, stay tuned with us.

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