7 Useful Tips to Prevent Dog Theft

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7 Useful Tips to Prevent Dog Theft

Aren’t dogs the cutest creature ever put on the planet of Earth?

Those in favour - say woof!

Dogs are one of the most fun and adorable pets— they love to play around, are great cuddlers, and love you with all their heart. Not to forget, they stay loyal to you and even protect you. With all these exceptional qualities, it's hard not to feel attached to a dog.

You see, dogs are known as man's best friends for no reason. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to look after your pet. It means that you should do everything in your power to prevent them from life-threatening situations, including dog theft.

Dog thieves steal particular dog breeds to train them for fighting or testing and biomedical experimentation. To prevent your dog from becoming a victim of theft, or worse, stolen by a dognapper, here are a few tips.

Must-Follow Tips to Prevent Dog Theft

1. Microchip Your Dog

A microchip is a small device that you can implant in the dog's skin (usually under the skin between its shoulder blades). It allows you to identify and track your pet if it goes missing or gets lost.

The chip contains a unique code that a scanner can read and match to one on the database. It includes specific information about your dogs, such as their name, owner's name, and contact details. If someone finds your lost dog, they can call you right away with its location information.

Planting this device is quick, easy, and painless for your pet, and it could save them from being stolen or lost.

Register your dog's microchip details with the national database of all dogs as soon as possible after getting them chipped. It will make it easier to get them home if they are lost or stolen.

2. Make Them Wear a Collar, Harness, or Leash

Ensure your dog has a collar, harness, or leash that can't slip out of their neck - especially if you're walking them on a lead. It keeps your dog on a leash whenever possible, even when he is playing with other dogs in the park or at the beach. Or even if they are going out for a quick potty break; it's better to be safe than sorry. A leash also shows others that the dog is yours. It will deter any potential thieves who might be watching your house or yard or any public place for an opportunity to snatch up your pet.

There are different leashes and dog collars available online and at pet shops. Wearing it makes it much harder for someone to steal your dog.

Moreover, when your dog gets lost, a collar with tags is one of the first things people look for when trying to identify a lost or stolen pet. Make sure tags have up-to-date contact information, so if your dog is lost, there will be an answer about to whom he belongs.

If you don't want to use a regular collar, try an identification tag instead — these attach directly to your dog's body and are difficult for anyone other than you to remove. Or even better, you can use a leash with a GPS tracker or GPS collar locator — a tiny device that clips onto your dog's collar and tracks its location so you can find them if they wander off or get stolen by someone.

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3. Do Not Leave Your Dog Unattended

Thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets. If you leave your dog alone while you shop or run errands, someone might steal him. Therefore, don't leave your dog unattended in public places or parking lots. If you must leave him alone, keep him on a leash or in a safe enclosure so he can't wander off and get lost or stolen by someone else.

If you have to leave them at home while you go out, make sure they are inside a fenced area that no one can access without going through a gate or door that closes behind them.

4. Keep an Eye on Strangers

Do not let strangers feed or touch your dog without taking permission first. Politely deny if someone offers food or attention to your dog without asking you first. It is best not to take the risk since there is no way to know whether they mean well or not. Always keep a close eye on strange people who want to approach your pet.

Even if you live in a quiet area where there are not many cars driving by, there are still elements like stray animals that could harm them. Make sure that they don't wander off too far away from where you can easily keep a watch on them!

5. Do Not Lock Them Alone in the Car

It looks okay to leave your dog in the car while you run into the store for just a few minutes, but this can be dangerous for both you and your pet. Dogs may not be able to open doors or windows, but that doesn't mean they won't try. If they happen to get out, they are very likely to be stolen or wander off.

Moreover, it’s hot during the summer months. Even with the window cracked open, leaving your pup unattended in the car is not advised. They may feel hot and panic.

6. Keep Your Home and Garden Secure

If someone wants to steal your dog, they will look for an opportunity when the house is empty or the owner is not paying attention. So make sure that your home is secure at all times.

If you want to leave your dog alone in the house, make sure you lock the doors and windows properly before leaving the house. It will help keep away any potential thieves to break in and grab your dog while you are out.

7. Visit Dog-Friendly Stores and Food Places

Find out dog-friendly local stores, cafes, and restaurants. So you don't have to leave your dog alone outside the mart. Many grocery stores and food places have designated safe areas where shoppers can leave their dogs while they shop or dine inside. Also, there are pet-friendly restaurants and coffee shops that allow pets to come inside.

We are sure you don't want anything bad to happen to your canine companion. Adopt a couple of these ways to prevent dog theft and keep your dog happy and safe.

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