7 Ways to Help Your Puppy Sleep Through The Night

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7 Ways to Help Your Puppy Sleep Through The Night

Does your dog disturb you every night and want you to get out of bed, waking you from your sound sleep?

They could be whimpering you to let him go to the bathroom or are barking seeing a raccoon in the garden. Whatever it is, it messes up your sleep routine, making you tired the next day.

The situation can get even worse if you have a new puppy at your house. You need to treat him like a young human baby. They need training for everything, be it using a toilet or setting their sleeping schedule.

7 Tips to Help Your Puppy Sleep Through the Night

A dog needs 12-14 hours of sleep daily. If you ignore teaching your small fur to sleep at night, they may disturb your sleep barking and crying. Therefore, it is necessary to match their sleeping schedule with yours and not the other way around.

It is a troublesome task that takes time to get complete. Therefore, we are here with our tips that will let both you and your puppy get sound sleep without any interruptions.

1. Fix the Sleeping Place

When you bring a new puppy to your home, fix their sleeping place in a kennel or a crate. Their sleeping spot should be spacious enough to let them stretch out comfortably. Line the sleeping area with newspapers if any unpleasant accident occurs. Separate the dog bed area so that the small pup does not have to sleep in its waste.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to their behaviour classes. If you allow them to wake up late at night, it will become your pup’s habit. It is acceptable for them to ask you to get them out on a walk in the middle of the night. Unlike us, they do not need a reason for everything they do. However, if you allow them to do so twice or thrice, they will want it daily.

To avoid this, make their final potty break at night as their last break. Do not let them go out again and again at night.

3. Set Boundaries

Do not allow your pup to enter your bedroom or on your bed uninvited. We understand you love them. But you and your pup need to create some strict rules. They should not only consider you as a friend but their caretaker as well. Teach them to wait for you before they start their day. It is essential to not give their unnecessary barks and cries too much attention.

4. Set Exercising Sessions

If you allow your pup to sleep for long hours during the day, it will be difficult for you to make them sleep at night. To avoid this, you must take your pup for a regular walk and run in your nearby garden. Moreover, they will love spending time with you outdoors.

Moreover, this routine helps your dog stay healthy and immune to fever and other diseases. Depending on the breed of your pup, take out half an hour to two hours for their exercise in a day. For a good night’s sleep, they must have some active moments during the day.

5. Limit Water and Food Before Bedtime

Avoid giving them drinking water two hours before bedtime. You may feel this to be an inconvenience for your pup. However, veterinarians advise doing so as it is not a problem.

If your dog is in good health, pick out their water vessel from their reach at 8 p.m. It will help you limit your water intake before bedtime.

However, we do not advise to restrict the water intake of dogs with any medical condition like heart disease or diabetes mellitus. Evaluate with their vet if they are drinking excessive water.

Their last meal for the day should be fed about 3 hours before bedtime. It will allow your puppy to have time to fully digest their food and have the toilet breaks.

6. Avoid Too Much Physical Activity Before Bedtime

Tire out the pup, and he will sleep tight- this may be thinking of most of the pup’s parents. However, the best way is to get your pup to exercise earlier in the evening. If you make them do physical exercise before bedtime, the tired dog will need water. It will make them wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break. It will disturb their as well as your sleep schedule.

If your pup gets energetic just before their sleep time, they will find it hard to settle down and sleep. Keep your games and activities calmer close to bedtime. It will help them transit easier to sleep.

7. Let Them Find Their Sleeping Place

As you have already chosen their place to sleep, now it is the time to train them to find their sleeping spot on their own. Let them learn when and where to go for sleep at their own will. Never pick your dog and put them in their sleeping place as they will take it negatively. Instead, find ways to lead them to their sleeping spot. If they get there at their bedtime, they will perceive it positively.

Make their sleeping place appealing to them by keeping a warm blanket, comfortable bedding, and locating it at a place they like. Allow them to have their favourite toy on the bed. Do not use the bed as a punishment for them. Otherwise, they will feel stressed thinking of sleeping on the bed at bedtime. It will urge them to make excuses to sleep during their sleep time.

Remember, setting the sleeping schedule of the pup is a time-consuming activity. It takes a while for them to adapt to any sleeping changes or arrangements. Lots of exercises and consistency with the routine is the way for both you and your puppy to have good quality sleep at night.

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