9 Strange Dog Behaviours and What They Mean

Posted: 09 Jul 2021 Human Reading Time: 4 Minutes
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9 Strange Dog Behaviours and What They Mean

Every pet has some strange behaviours that are difficult to decode for humans. We agree that dogs are not as mysterious as cats. However, even our beloved doggo has some truly baffling behaviours. We love them, but there is no denying that a few of their actions are annoying and disgusting.

Your dog may like to roll into filthy things, or dig things around, or bite their leash. Whatever it is, while some weird behaviours have no sense, the others are pretty explainable. Once you pay attention to their actions, you will understand what they mean and will be able to help them.

We are here to help you decode your dog’s strange action. Let’s go!

Decoding Strange Behaviours of Dogs and Their Meanings

Chasing Tail

What would you do if you had a tail, wouldn’t you chase it? It is just as amusing for dogs. They find it to be a fun way to spend their excess energy. However, if you notice them doing it constantly, they might be suffering from gland problems or some allergies.

It also refers to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. If your dog does not stop chasing their tail, or if you suspect some underlying medical condition, you must consult your veterinarian as it interrupts their daily life.


While learning how to communicate with you, puppies may nip at you. They find it a fun way to interact. Nipping can also happen when they are in training. At other times, they do it mindlessly, and there is no reason for it.

However, if your pup is nipping often, it is important to stop this habit before it gets converted into problematic dog behaviour with time.

Biting can be a symptom of anxiety, fear, or aggression. It is necessary to identify the reason behind your pet biting, especially if it is mood-influenced.

If you are unable to train your dog to not bite, consider hiring a dog trainer or a veterinary behaviourist. Here are some tips from our team to stop your dog from biting.

Making Guilty Face

When you come home, do you find your dog looking downright pitiful after creating some mess? Many of us assume dogs do this as they are guilty. However, it is false.

Experts say that if you catch your dog barehanded in the act, he has no idea what made you act mad at them. Therefore, giving them punishment after several hours makes no sense to them at all.

The reason behind their puppy face is that they are responding to your actions - your angry face, high pitch, and punishment.

Circling on the Same Spot

This weird behaviour may seem funny to most of us as you see no harm in it. However, it can be a sign of medical issues such as anxiety or other physical or mental issues.

It is normal for dogs to circle their beds or blankets before getting inside them to ensure their nest is comfortable. They also do it before going to the bathroom. However, see the vet if your dog spins frequently. This behaviour is particularly not good for the senior dogs - if they spin, it indicates issues related to memory, hearing, vision, or neurological problems. Also, if your dog circles the same spot in stressful situations, it signs anxiety.


You do not need to worry here. Dog licks are his way of showing affection. They do it merely to get your attention. Researchers say licking is a sensory tool for dogs to touch something.

Eating Poop

This is the most troublesome question for dog owners everywhere - why does my dog eat poop? It seems so disgusting to us, and hence, it is out of a normal human understanding why our dog friends like to do it. However, it is a sign that they lack nutrients.

Traditional pet food often doesn’t contain ingredients that are easy to digest. Dogs may not be able to absorb the utmost nutrients from their food. If you see them eating their poop, they are attempting to regain those nutrients.

Reverse Sneezing

If you have ever heard your dog reverse sneezing, it can be the time to get alarmed. It may be a sign that your dog is going into an anaphylactic shock or something even worse than that.

Reverse sneezing is a common name for the pharyngeal gag reflex caused by irritation sensation in your throat and soft palate of your dog. It can be a result of allergies, mites, or leash pressure, just like normal sneezing. This is the way for your dog to bring air into the body and remove the irritants. In rare cases, they may also do it out of excitement.

Sniffing Other Dog’s Butt

It is a way for your dog to say to another dog- “Hello, nice to meet you”.

In the human world, this behaviour could land you in jail. Unlike the human world, it is a socially acceptable action in the world of dogs. For them, it is a form of greeting. When dogs meet face-to-face, heads up, ears forward - they will most likely end up fighting. Again, it is a friendly action.

A dog smells 10,000 times better than us, and, well, there are a lot of aromas from their rear end.

Biting Their Leash

There are several reasons why dogs bite their leash while on a walk. However, it is important to find the root reason for this behaviour.

You first have to realize that dogs have high energy. When they are out for a walk, they get an overly sensual feeling. There are so many different smells around, foreign sounds, and not-so-familiar creatures, plants, and people. They have an urge to explore everything they see. Since they cannot do so freely, it leads them to indulge in unwanted behaviours like leash biting.

However, this is not the only reason for their biting. Just like humans, dogs also have different emotions, including being playful, boredom, anxiety, and frustration. Dogs see going outside for a walk as ‘play time’ and get super excited stepping out from home. Therefore, most of the time, leash biting is more of a ‘play with me’ act and not an act of disobedience.

Sometimes, your dog may bite its leash only because they are bored and looking for entertainment. This is similar to the urge to play. Leash biting is, most of the time, a social behaviour.

If you need to change leashes frequently because of your dog’s biting behaviour, get them a high-quality leash from Bully Billows.

We hope our blog helped you get insights into the strange actions of your dog. Stay tuned to get more informative posts.

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