All You Need to Know About Dog Leashes

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All You Need to Know About Dog Leashes

When it comes to controlling your loyal friend, a dog leash is one of the best products you can get!

Dogs are love! They are fun mates to spend quality time indoors, and also make the perfect companion while going out for a jog. However, it is important to train your dog for happy outings and easy walks.

Many people make a terrible mistake of not training their dog correctly or simply not putting effort into their training altogether. This makes the dog aggressive and uncontrolled, especially when you take them out.

So, how are you supposed to teach your canine to behave around others? Well, with the help of a leash, you can control your dog and make them learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. It also keeps the dog safe by preventing a possible injury or road accident. Let’s learn more.

Types of Dog Leashes

Just like dog collars, leashes are also available in a great variety. Especially when you buy a dog leash online, you will find multiple options to choose from. However, before making a purchase, it’s wise to learn about these dog accessories to make an informed decision.

Here we have listed the three most common leashes and their features.

Standard Flat Lead

If you think you have no idea about a standard flat lead leash, think twice - you might have definitely seen it in the movies.

It is a standard leash with a clasp at the end which is generally around 4 to 8 feet long. It can easily clip into the dog's collar. Moreover, you can find different thicknesses, strengths, and quality standards to keep your dog controlled.

For starters, you can begin with a 4 feet long leash and adding the length as your good boy matures.

Gentle Leader Leash

If you want to buy a dog leash online, you will certainly find a leash resembling a collar. That's how you spot a leader.

The collar of this leash hangs around the dog's muzzle and resembles a horse harness. This leash will let you control your canine completely. However, make sure you use this leash with caution. Take a note that if leader leash is making your dog uncomfortable due to constant friction, replace it with something better.

Harness Lead Leash

Harness lead leashes are the same as ropes.

Commonly, this is used to teach your dog not to jump. It tightens around the chest of your dog so that you can control whenever they pull or jump. As the leash puts excess pressure on the dog's body, make sure to go through the manufacturer's claims before buying one for your canine.

How Do You Hold a Dog Leash?

The best way to hold the leash is in front of your torso.

Suppose your dog is walking on the left side, clip the leash to your dog's collar, hold the end in your right hand exactly in front of your torso. Secondly, loop it around your thumb for added strength in case your dog bolts forward. This will ensure easy grip and safe control of your furry mate.


Dog leashes are meant to train your dog not choke them. So, buy a leash that is designed with the best safety features and is pressure-tested to withstand sudden jerks & extreme force.

If you wish to know more about dog accessories and training tips, keep visiting this space. Explore our products here and make the best purchases for your fur mate!

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