Driving with Dogs - Tips to Keep Your Car Clean and Odour-Free!

Posted: 03 Sep 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Driving with Dogs - Tips to Keep Your Car Clean and Odour-Free!

Are you one of those dog parents who love to bring their furry companion every place they go? If yes, welcome to the club!

Driving with your doggo is a great companionship. It’s a heavenly experience for your dog as well - they sit by the window letting the gush of wind brush through their face, living the best of their time with you!

However, a drive with them also means a struggle with canine messes. Your adorable furry friend leaves an enormous amount of dog hair, slobber, and muddy paw prints. This mess is not only difficult to clean but also leaves a smell that is almost impossible to travel with.

Fortunately, there are several tips to keep your car clean and odour-free after your pleasant drive with your doggo. Let’s get to know them -

Tips for a Clean and Odor-Free Car After Dog Drive

Allocate One Area of Your Car for Your Dog

Keep your dog only into a specific area of your car - use a crate, restraint, or a harness in the car to partition. This way, they will drop the fur or mud only to a confined space, and it becomes easier for you to clean.

Maintain Good Airflow

The best thing about cars is you can always keep them well-ventilated, and it’s the best way to get rid of the doggie odour. The constant breeze coming from the windows does not let the odour trap into the car. It also helps to filter out loose furs and the smell of your canine while driving.

However, remember, open windows give your dog room for keeping their head outside the car. While they enjoy it a lot, it can be dangerous. So keep that window open that’s far from the reach of your dog - it will keep them sound and safe.

Stick With the Cleaning Schedule

The hair and odour in the car only get worse with time. Leaving dog furs into the car for longer can make them push down further in the fabric. Therefore, stick to your cleaning schedule to make sure your car gets cleaned regularly.

Vacuum the seats and flooring throughout the vehicle to clean the leftover fur and dirt. Double clean the areas where your dog sits often. Wash out odour and stains using car shampoo designed specifically for cleaning pet stains.

Cover Up With Seat Covers

It is better to prevent than to fix. Investing in removable seat covers is a good idea. You can also cover the seats and carpet by spreading old bedsheets on them. It makes it easier for you to get rid of furs and stains - all you have to do is just remove the covers and wash.

Brush Your Pup Before Getting Into the Car

Before you start with your ride, brush your pup nicely with a dog brush. It does not stop furs from shedding completely, but it will help you get rid of loose furs that will drop in the car if left unbrushed.

Use Rubber Gloves

Cleaning your dog’s fur from the car can be the most daunting task. Vacuum and lint rollers are often useless. However, a wet rubber glove is the cleaning tool that works. You will be amazed to see how much hair you can take out from the seats and carpet with the wet rubber gloves.

That’s it for the cleaning tips. Now you can go on a long drive with your favourite companion having zero complaints.

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