Four Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid

Posted: 21 Dec 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Four Dog Training Mistakes to Avoid

Are you training your dog in the right way?

If you are training your dog, it means you are a good pup parent. But don’t let small mistakes come into your way. You may think of it as an insignificant thing, but its consequences may surprise you in a way you may not like.

You will be surprised to know that wrong training hinders the progress of your dog. Whether your dog is a quick learner or needs extra care, there are common mistakes people make during the training of their dog.

Dog training mistakes to avoid

You might be making a lot of mistakes while training your dog that you may not realize. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

1. Procrastinating the training regime

Waiting too long to start dog training can be dangerous for both you and your dog. You must start the training as soon as your dog comes home. Start their training regardless of their age, it is better to start earlier before they get older and adapt to bad habits. The dog training is meant to develop good behavior in your dog and teach them how to respond in specific situations. Young puppies may not learn advanced actions but they should know basic obedience and commands. With age, they will grow mature and get accustomed to the training sessions. When they grow younger you can try fun things and tricks.

2. Being impatient

Like humans, different dogs have a different pace to learn. You cannot expect a 6-year child to learn algebra along with counting that senior kids do. Setting timelines for training them does not do any good. So you need to be patient, they will need time to hone their skills depending on their grasping power.

So, when your dog learns to come to you as you call them inside the house doesn’t mean they will follow you the same way in the garden as well. These are different levels of training, which you need to teach step by step. So slowly work on the challenges as they learn the basics.

3. Not training them properly

Training is something that needs effort. It is not like you train once and you are done. You will get the best results only when you train them regularly. Even if they have mastered it, you need to brush up their skills with time.

Work on one thing at a time and conduct short and productive training sessions twice or thrice a week. Incorporate new things, but do not forget to repeat the basics.

4. Bribe instead of rewards

Reward-based training is the most effective training of all. It is a positive approach to teach new skills effectively. But there are some specific ways to give rewards.

New trainers usually hold the treats in front of the dog to make them do specific actions; it is bribing, which is a wrong approach. With it, the dog will perform any action that is needed to get that treat. Instead of holding the treat in front of them, ask them to act first, and then reward them after its completion. They will take it as a reward for their good behavior instead of a bribe to do something.

These are a few common mistakes that a pup parent should avoid. We hope you found this post informative and useful.

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