Here's How to Teach Your Dog to High Five!

Posted: 06 Sep 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
Dog Reading Time: 14 Minutes
Here's How to Teach Your Dog to High Five!

Don’t we all high-five our friends when we are elated? How much more would you love it if you could do the same with your four-pawed bestie - your doggo?

If you have an active dog who is keen to learn new things, teaching them to do a high five can be one of the coolest things. The good news is they can learn it easily and in no time.

So if you wish to make your dog learn the art of high-fying, grab some treats and start training them. You don’t have to do it alone - we are here with the action plan!

Ways to Teach Your Dog to High Five

1. Begin Training With the Treat Temptation

First thing first — Never grab the pup’s paw to teach them high five as it makes no sense to them. Also, the paws of some pups are sensitive, and they may feel afraid to participate in your high five training.

If your doggy already knows the sit command, you are good to start. Otherwise, first, train your dog for sit command and then high five.

Once your dog sits, hold their favourite treat in your hand and make a tight fist and raise it just above their nose level. Wait for your dog to go impatient and move its paws towards your fist. The moment they do so, express your happiness with a word or sound like ‘Yes!’, and reward them with the treat. For practice, repeat it five times.

2. Now Move Onto the Next Level

Again, hold a treat and make a tight fist and raise your hand to their nose level. This time, say ‘Hive Five!’ before they lift their paw. If they touch your fist without getting out from the sitting position after your voice, treat them immediately. Do it five more times.

However, if they didn’t do it correctly, do not treat them. In case they jump, stand up, or use both of their paws, restart with the sitting position and try again until done right. Keep practising to get perfection and consistency.

3. Shape Your Palm in a High Five Position

For a perfect high five, you also need to keep your palm in a true high position shape. Hold your hand flat in front of your puppy's nose with no treat in it. If they touch your hand, say “high five” and immediately treat them with another hand. Repeat.

If your dog is not responding as expected at this stage, it means they do not understand that the game will work even with flat, empty hands. To train, try the following steps five times:

  • Hold a treat in a closed fist above their nose level. Say “high five” as soon as they touch your fist.
  • Shape your hand as if you are holding a baseball. Say “high five” as soon as they touch your hand.

Once your dog gets consistent at doing high five, reduce the frequency of treats gradually. Start reducing by treating them on every other high five, and then in every third high five.

If your dog struggles with the game, it is an indication that you have reduced the treat too quickly. Repeat from consistent treats again.

After a bit of practice, your doggy will be a high five expert. Watch them impress people ( and other dogs ) with their exquisite skills.

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