How to Avoid Potential Dog Collar Dangers

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How to Avoid Potential Dog Collar Dangers

Are dog collars safe?

This question pops up in the mind of every dog owner at least once. We understand your fear - you do not want to see your beloved pet in any danger. You want nothing but the best for your best friend - it’s a good thing you have landed on our blog post.

There are various types of dog collars and harnesses available today. The type of collar that is ideal for your dog depends on the nature of you and your dog, your training goals, and care philosophies. Collars are best suited for naughty escapees and harnesses for jumpy leash-pullers. Both of them are not abrasive to dogs and comply with the positive training process. Which means happy you and happy dog.

How to Avoid Potential Dog Collar and Harness Dangers?

At BullyBillows, our experts wholeheartedly endorse some dog collars, some they support with caution, and some they find hyped and risky. Further, when not used properly, even the best dog collars can be a danger.

To avoid these dangerous situations, here are some tips for safe collar use:

Don't leave your dog unattended when wearing a collar

When dogs are left unattended wearing the collar, the collar can get stuck to anything around and choke the dog.

Wearing a collar is not allowed in some barn hunt venues, as while running the course, there are chances of the dog hurting its lower jaw that may lead to a fatality.

Pro Tip - The chances of hanging are highest with a choke collar and relatively lower with regular flat collars. Talk to us before you buy and we will help you choose wisely!

Don't leave the collar on when dogs are playing

Seeing your canine playing with its fellow dog people is fun. However, there are chances of tangling the dogs in each other's collars, especially when they are mouth playing. Dogs can break the jaws of each other, or worse, it can cause choking.

If you feel that your dog should wear a collar while playing with other dogs, choose the one with a quick-release buckle. You can also go for a breakaway collar that opens release under pressure.

Avoid tying your dog too high surfaces

Avoid tying your dog on a heightened surface like a deck. If your dog slips or tries to jump down, they may choke themselves.

Be watchful for collar tags

Heater vents and wires attached to crates can also tangle with tags of their collar. To avoid such mishappenings, tape the tag of their collar or choose a collar that has a tag pocket in it to keep the tag flattened with the collar.

Alternatively, you can choose the one with your number stitched on it, or one with light-weight ring tags that tend to bend and open under pressure.

These are a few precautions to take with the dog collar. Following these tips, you can sidestep the potential danger of your dog becoming a victim of any dangerous collar tragedy.

If you need help deciding which will be the best collar for you and your dog, consult with a good dog trainer or even someone from our expert team. They can guide you to buying dog collars that will support your training goals and your dog’s comfort.

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