How to Capture the Best Pictures of Your Dog?

Posted: 22 Dec 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Capture the Best Pictures of Your Dog?

Your dogs are the most adored members of the family that you would surely want to capture the happy moments with it. But, it isn’t that easy as it seems. Whether it’s sniffing the camera or it tries to snatch it as soon as you try to snap, there’s a lot behind the scenes. We can say that capturing your dog is nothing less than art, where you try every bit to make your dog shine above all.

We know you are looking forward to something that could help you score some instant fame for your dog on Instagram, for which you are here. Considering your need, we are here with some smart tips to snap a perfect picture of your furry friend. So, let’s get started:

5 Smart Tips to Get Your Dog Give that Purrrr-fect Shot

  1. Know Your Dog's Personality

When you are clicking pictures, you would want your pup’s personality to translate on the screen for which you will need to take snaps of the moments you love the most. So, let their personality guide you through. Supposedly, your dog loves food, clicking a picture near its feeder is the best idea. If it loves to play, clicking a picture in a garden while playing is going to get its true personality revealed. And, believe us, it looks amazing!

  1. Click in the Natural Light

Dogs have issues with light, they get mild shocks in the eyes and have a better adaptation to the low light version. This is the reason they can see better than humans at night. So, it is best to click your dog’s pictures in natural light, maybe in the evening is a suitable time. Moreover, don’t try to take a snap before tons of lighting in a studio set up as the heavy lighting can startle your pet’s eyes.

  1. Chase Your Dog to Make it Smile

It is not easy to get your dog to smile before the camera. An easy way to get your dog to give you a big smile is to chase it, get him out for a quick run, or let it play with a toy. An active dog is a happy dog, and when it is in the mood to play, chances are that you will get to capture its big smile on camera, yay!

  1. Don’t forget to Accessorise

Be creative with the idea of capturing your dog. Accessorize it well and see the magic happen. Who doesn’t like their dog to show a little attitude in chunky eye gears and some beautiful dog collars and harnesses? Moreover, if you secure your dog with a dog harness, it will feel comfortable. And, when your dog is comfortable and happy, it’s the key to clicking some Instagram ready pictures. Believe us; your dog will appear cute from all camera angles.

  1. Keep Your Patience While Training

Lastly, we would recommend you to keep patience while you are training your dog for a photo session. We know it could be a little frustrating, but don’t lose your temper; otherwise, it may affect your dog's mood, which will reflect its negative energy in the pictures you take. So, what you have to do is to maintain your composure and get your super excited dog a bit relaxed for those camera-friendly shots.

So, following the tips when you are done, just throw those gorgeous pictures of your dog on Instagram, who knows, your dog may get that Insta-Stardom that you desire! We hope you find this post useful. Don’t forget to get your dog some beautiful accessories like a dog harness and collars from Bully Billows. Trust us, you will definitely need them for those super-cute pictures of your furry fellow. Explore our complete range of dog supplies here.

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