How to Care for Dogs in Winters?

Posted: 13 Mar 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Care for Dogs in Winters?

Winters can be excruciatingly cold not for us, but for our pets too. It is our responsibility to comfort them and save them from the wintertide.

Dogs are more sensitive to their environment and atmosphere. Some may love roaming outside in the wintertime, while others may like cuddling up on the cozy couch under a warm blanket. Either way, you should be prepared to protect your beloved pup from winter chills.

However, many dog owners have a misconception that as their pet has a furry coat, they can bear the chilly weather better than humans. But this is not the case always. Like us, our pets also love warm settings indoors. Also, the cold weather outside can act hard on them. So, to keep your pup snug and cozy in winters, we are here with winter care tips.

5 Winter care tips for dogs

Limit spending time outdoors

Maybe you and your dog both love to spend time outdoors, but in winter, even the healthiest dog can catch a cold. Take your dog out for a walk and play but do not keep them outside for longer. A good rule is to take the dog with you and when you feel a little cold, return to your home with them. It is because when you feel cold, probably they would also. If you left them outside in your yard, check often for any sign of feeling cold.

Wrap them in woolens

We don’t dare to step outside in the cold without wearing a sweater. So how could our dogs do it? Wrap them in an umpteen sweater or coat. It will keep them warm and cozy. Pick the right size for them from a pet shop. Also, make sure the woolen you are choosing for them is soft and does not cause any irritation.

Avoid shaving them in winters

The dogs are blessed with thick fur that is a natural warmer for them. Hence, avoid shaving their fur coat in winter. Also, do not take your dog outside for a walk right after they have taken a bath. They are ready to go out only after their coat has dried completely.

Remember, foot care is essential

Check the toes and paws of your dog if there is snow in between them. Especially do take care of it with long-haired dogs as there are more chances of ice blocks of snow covering their toes and footpads. You can consider trimming your dog’s hair to avoid the formation of ice balls between the toes and pads.

Indulge with them in indoor activities

Some dogs decline to go out in cold weather. If this is the case with your dog, do not take them out forcefully. But make sure you are keeping them active inside the house. Provide them toys to play with and spend time with them, keep them occupied even indoors.

We would recommend you to get some warm and cozy beddings for them to snuggle up. Contact with the cold floor for a long duration can make them fall sick.

Keep the aforementioned winter tips in mind so that you and your canine buddy can have some great wintertime together. Meanwhile, if you are planning to get indulged in some shopping spree, consider checking Bully Billows. With us, you can get the finest quality pet supplies that can make your dog’s life pawsome!

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