How to Choose a Perfect Dog Name?

Posted: 03 Sep 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Choose a Perfect Dog Name?

First of all, congratulations! You have a new furry friend as family at your home. Take your time to revel in good vibes - after all, you now have a furbaby to play and spend happy times with!

Now, the next step- choosing a good name for your little doggo.

Naming your new dog is one of the most loveable ways to welcome them to your family. However, the confusion is real - selecting that one perfect name that everyone likes and goes with the personality of your dog can be a bit challenging.

Well, worry not, we are here to be your help. We have listed some smart tips that will help you find a cool and unique name for your doggy. Read on to give your pooch the perfect name -

Tips to Choose a Perfect Dog Name

Choose Two-Syllable Name

A name with two syllables works the best. It also gives a happy sound which makes people use it more.

Avoid long names because you end up shortening them, anyway. For example, if your dog’s name is Puppuccino - it surely is a cute name, but you won’t say the same name more than five times. Instead, you will use a short name for it.

We suggest that a two-syllable name can be a sweet spot. Repeat the name a lot of times to check whether you are comfortable saying it over and over again.

Avoid Confusing Names

Do not pick a name that sounds too similar to the commands you give to your dog.

‘Ray’ can be mistaken for ‘Stay’; ‘Kit’ gets a little confusing with ‘Sit’. It will trouble you while training and commanding them. So, pick a name dissimilar to any command.

Skip Embarrassing and Offensive Names

It goes without saying - do not pick any name for your dog that you feel embarrassed to use in public. Also, avoid names that are potentially racial, insulting, cultural slurs, slang words, or contain curse words in them.

Imagine yourself in the waiting room of your veterinarian and their assistant calling out your dog’s name- “Poophead”, and have all the heads turning to you in disgust. Insulting, isn’t it?

Keep it Simple

Choose a name that is simple to spell and pronounce. Remember, your family, friends, and veterinarian have to use this name for years and years. Picking a difficult name will be a hassle for you since everyone will keep forgetting it.

Just like a straightforward one-word command (sit, stay, come), your dog can also identify short names easily.

In case you have your heart hooked on a name that’s hard to pronounce, you can use it for the dog shows and paperwork and opt for an easy nickname (not embarrassing) for everyday use.

Use a Name that Ends With a Vowel

Believe it or not, dogs respond better to the names that have a vowel in the end. It not only helps you choose from the cutest names such as Eddie, Milli, Zoe, Moshu but also helps your dog. When you speak names containing vowels at the end, the frequency of your tone changes. It captures your pooch’s attention better.

Your doggo doesn’t think of their name as we humans do. They take their names as a command and respond to that. Therefore, choose a name that is practical enough to get their attention and response.

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