How to Choose the Best Dog Trainer?

Posted: 28 Jan 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Choose the Best Dog Trainer?

Do you have issues communicating and connecting with your dog?

If yes, a dog trainer can help you.

Whether you want to teach basic obedience to your dog or want to train them for some competition, the dog trainer makes a huge difference. No matter if you are a new dog owner or have been a great companion for years, you can take the help of a dog trainer to troubleshoot problems and hone your skills. Also, group classes help your pup to give distraction training and learn to socialize with others.

But it's important to choose the right dog trainer. However, the process can be as overwhelming as checking the environment of an elementary school for your children. You will have to consider every advice given by your pals, neighbours, veterinarian, and the folks at the dog store.

Make sure that you are clear with what you are looking for in a dog trainer. Here are the key points you must know before hiring a dog trainer.

Tips to choose the right dog trainer

Methods and philosophy

The first thing to know about the trainer is the methods and training philosophy they use provided that you should be comfortable with their approach. Most of the training works, but not all are necessarily kind and gentle.

Find a trainer who uses positive reinforcement training- a reward-based dog training method. In this method, the trainer rewards the dog for their good behavior and teaches them to replace appropriate behavior at the place of their inappropriate behavior. It strengthens the bond between your dog and you. Some trainers also call this type of training humane dog training or force-free training.

Know what you want from a trainer

Sometimes you not only want them to learn ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ’come’, or ‘catch’, you may also want them to learn obedience, want to rehabilitate them, and so on. So you must identify it yourself and discuss with the trainer what type of training you want for your dog.

Check for the certification

As there is no hard and fast rule for the dog trainers to have certification and also it is not necessary that the certified trainer is an expert. But with a certification, you can ensure that the person you are hiring is eligible with certain minimum requirements. It also makes the trainer accountable for certain guidelines and rules.

Cost and convenience

You must find a trainer that is both convenient and affordable. However, you get what you pay for, you may need or want advanced training, which will obviously come with more cost.

Ask for referrals

Yes, it is obvious, but even if you get to know about the trainer through your own network of phone contacts, ask if the trainer can share details of some of their previous clients who can share their feedback. They can give you a better idea of the methods the trainer used to train the dogs. They may share the things which you cannot know talking only to the trainer.

With the help of the right dog trainer, you can help your dog with proper training to socialize, overcome issues like fear or aggression. Thus, it will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your furry pet. Meanwhile, if you are looking for some premium quality pet supplies that you will definitely need during your dog’s training, consider checking Bully Billows. Here you will get the best dog training products.

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