How to Teach Your Puppy to Lie Down?

Posted: 06 Apr 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Teach Your Puppy to Lie Down?

Dog training can be an essential part of raising your loved puppy in the right way. Trained dogs are often the happiest ones with lesser restrictions imposed on them. Along with this, you also get to take your dog to different places as trained pets are relatively easier to handle.

Tips to Train Your Puppy to Lie Down

While you start to train your dogs, make sure to remain calm throughout. Having a high pitch can lead to your pet feeling excited or anxious. It is advised to keep reward-based training where your dog can easily make out what it needs to do.

Here are the easiest and highly effective steps to teach your puppy how to lie down on your command:

1. Direction Cue

In order to tell your dog where to sit, it is essential to direct him to the location. Swing your hand towards the ground and give an indication to your puppy. Keep the spot closer to their paws to avoid any confusion.

2. Mark & Reward

It is vital to help your puppy understand if they have done the right thing. Once your pet follows the command and lies down, give it a mark and treat it with some reward. This will assist the dogs in knowing what you expect from them.

You can select any kind of marker to acknowledge their efforts. Whether it is a vocal marker, visual indication, or mechanical, all are beneficial during dog training.

3. Ditching the Treats

After several practices and trials, you must train your pet dog without the treats in hand. Once they have started to respond to your command with treats, it is time to ditch the rewards.

You can still continue with the marker once they lie on the floor on your indication.

4. Verbal Cue

Once your pup is easily lying down on your signs, you can then opt for a verbal cue. Select an easy word like “down” or “sleep” along with your hand gestures and ask them to lie down.

Keep up with your marker and the rewards once they successfully lie down on hearing your word.

These were some of the most effective ways to train your dog well. Make sure to never forcefully push down your dog to make it sit. Instead, make him understand what you expect and reward him when he does it.

It is crucial to commence your dog training when your furry friend is young enough. This helps in better command recognition and aids in faster learning. You can choose to start with simpler words, including sit, fetch or stay and eventually add more for better communication.

In case your pups turn to be slow learners, you can start by acknowledging even when they bend down or lower their heads. Continue to do this until your friend starts to lie down completely.

Dog training should be a perfect blend of strictness and affection, not letting anyone of them overpower the other. It is important to raise your pets correctly, and dog accessories can be of great help in such cases. Shop with Bully Billows and pick the most suitable dog collars for your loved pooch!

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