How to Use a Dog Leash Safely?

Posted: 21 Sep 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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How to Use a Dog Leash Safely?

When you buy dog leash online, it makes your dog look at their best while giving you an opportunity to train them better. However, the most important thing is to learn the correct and safe way to use a leash.

A dog leash is an ideal training tool that you will use almost every day. This means, it’s important for you to know how to use it correctly to ensure the safety of your beloved pet.

Some people believe that dogs naturally learn how to walk expertly on a leash, but that’s not true. It is a skill - something that you need to train them. And then, before training your canine, you must first know how to safely manage the leash.

Today, we will discuss the best ways to control your dog using the leash. These tips will ensure that you are in control yet your dog has enough space to move and take some friendly leaps. Let’s get started.

Tips to use a dog leash safely

Buckle up and hold the leash in front of your body

Suppose if you are using a 6-foot long standard leash, and you want to walk your dog on your left side. The right way to do so is to attach the clip to the collar of your dog, and then hold the leash end in your right hand, directly in front of your body.

Wrap the lead around your thumb

Wrap the lead around your thumb for added strength. It helps you if your dog on the line tries to move forward. Always remember, do not wrap the lead around your wrist. Doing so you have the prospect of tugging your arm out of the socket or being jerked along if the dog chases for something.

Stay stable and have control over the leash

Now hold the leash in your left hand about 2 feet above your dog so that you can have the leash in both hands.

When you hold the leash this way, it provides stability to the leash with your right hand. However, with your left hand, you will be able to direct and control your dog. The right hand is stable and tied up, while the left-hand direct, and shortens the hanging as required. This way you have control over the movements of your dog without him feeling uncomfortable in any way.

Keep changing the direction of your dog

If you constantly put pressure on your dogs, they will resist it. It means the longer you pull back and apply constant pressure on the lead of your dog, the harder they try to pull themselves forward.

To avoid the situation, keep changing the directions whenever you feel your dog is pulling forward. It can be helpful while you practice leash skills.

Use high-quality dog leash

Teaching your pup to walk on a leash may include lots of push and pulls, so it is important to practice the leash skills using a high-quality leash. Different dogs need different types of leashes, some need nylon leash while others need a rope leash. Pick the right one after careful consideration to ensure the safety of your beloved canine.

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