Importance of Durable Dog Collars

Posted: 11 Mar 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Importance of Durable Dog Collars

No matter if you are a new dog parent or not, buying the best dog collar is a must. These accessories aid in behavior correction and training, and are further used to make your dog look a tad bit fashionable!

Now, cute dog collars might capture your attention, but a dog collar is more than a fashion statement. With numerous options available for your dog, how do you know which one is durable and the right fit for your dog?

Why is a durable dog collar important?

The most important thing to understand about the dog collar before picking the one for your dog is what purpose it serves. Apart from this, dog collars fulfill many other roles that keep your dog safe and secure from accidents. Also, it keeps them in control, if they get temperamental on the road or other unwelcome locations.

Well, if you are also looking for the appropriate dog collar, here is our guide on how you can choose a durable dog collar.

  • Waterproof

  • Whether your dog loves to play with water or you live in some snowy area you need waterproof collars. You need a collar that does not retain water and dry well in a short time.

    These types of collars are suitable for pets that live in wetter areas and participate in summer water activities. Durable collars like nylon are resistant to water and do not get damaged when exposed to water frequently.

  • Easy to clean

  • When you take your dog for a walk, they won’t miss a chance to roll around in the mud. And cleaning the stains on the dog collar, again and again, could be a frustrating experience for all. However, if you use durable mud proof and waterproof dog collars, they get cleaned within a minute. So, you will have a brand new collar with a few strokes and less effort every time your pup gets it stained with mud.

  • Stink-proof

  • We all are aware of the unbearable smell that our canine friend gets after a lot of physical activities. A durable dog collar won’t pick the smell, so you don’t have to worry about the dog collar stinking after you make your furry friend bathe.

  • Resist wear down with sunlight

  • No matter where you live, you cannot escape the exposure of the dog collar to the sun. The durable material of the dog collar can avoid faster wear down of the collar due to sun exposure. The colour of a durable dog collar won’t fade away easily. It resists the fading due to sunlight.

  • Keep bacteria away

  • Another thing about durable dog collars is that it carries fewer bacteria as compared to other collars that are not waterproof and stinky.

    We love to see our dogs active but the activities they do and the tasks they perform will attract bacteria in their collar. Therefore, it is important to choose a collar that does not get dirty easily, is easy to clean, and gets dry in no time. And this is possible when you pick high-end dog collars that are durable and sustainable. They keep dirt, germs, and bacteria at bay and do not irritate the skin around your dog’s neck.

    Knowing the importance of dog collars, you must invest in a quality dog training collar to keep your dog comfortable. If you are already looking for one, find the most durable dog collar for your beloved pet at Bully Billows.

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