Indoor Games to Play With Your Dogs - Part 2

Posted: 21 Oct 2020 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
Dog Reading Time: 14 Minutes
Indoor Games to Play With Your Dogs - Part 2

Rain, cold, pandemic, or tight schedule - whatever the reason be, being stuck at home can dampen the mood for both you and your pup.

When dogs are bored, they engage themselves in other things for entertainment, which might create an unwanted mess. Destroying items, sounds familiar?

To avoid such a mess when you are confined inside, you need to find some meaningful activities with your dog that fuel up them mentally and physically. So, the next time when you can’t make your way out with your pet, try out these indoor fun activities to keep your canine entertained and active. This is the second part of our blog series, where we are sharing some easy games to play with your canines indoors. If you haven’t read our first post, take a quick read here.

Three Fun Indoor Games for Dogs


The name-the-toy game is helpful to make your fur baby mentally alert and active.

Firstly, name the toys of your dog, and then teach them the names starting with one of their favorite toys.

Once you have named the toys, say the name loud every time you pick it up.

  • Show your dog the toy you have in your hand.
  • Say with excitement ‘find it!’ and then throw the toy across the floor.

Instruct your dog to find the mentioned toy. When they succeed - which means if your dog finds and brings back the toy to you, praise them for it. With this practice, your dog will recognize the toy with the given name. Later on, put the toy in between others and test their memory by asking them to find a particular toy among the other playthings.

Stair rolling

Stair rolling is a great exercise indoor game for your crazy pup.

To play this game, you need to use the stairs in your home. To start, settle yourself and your doggie at the bottom of the stairs and throw a ball up the stairs. Now ask your dog to find the ball and bring back to you when the ball rolls down. When your dog gets engaged in the catch, toss, and retrieving the ball several times, it will be a treat to watch. Further, soon your excited canine will turn into a tired doggie, wanting some rest and good cuddles near you.

The shell game

The shell game is a simple yet coolest mind game for dogs. It will improve the attention and problem-solving skills of your pup.

To play the shell game, take a few bowls or cups, ask your dog to put treats under any one of them. You then shuffle the cups thoroughly and encourage them to find the right treat shell. On finding the right shell, reward them with a good treat.

The shell game stimulates the mind of your dog and improves their concentration skills. They stay pretty entertained even when they are locked up indoors.

After playing a lot of indoor games, when you both don’t feel like doing anything, just get on the couch, sit and relax together, even you can take a nap to feel rejuvenated.

Further, we would suggest you invent your new games according to your dog's physical ability and the types of tricks they enjoy. Don’t forget to praise them and their attempts throughout the game. After all, you are playing to entertain your furry kid!

We hope this was a useful post! Try these games and stay tuned with Bully Billows - we are a trusted online store to buy dog collars, chew toys, leads, and other dog accessories online! We will see you soon with the next post.

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