Lazy doggy? Here's how to unveil their playful spirit!

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Lazy doggy? Here's how to unveil their playful spirit!

Is your dog a couch potato?

Sometimes it is adorable to watch you as you do not have to spend a lot of energy on such lazy pooches. Most of the time, they are just happy lying next to you.

But it is important to spend time with your dog and indulge it in various activities as it strengthens the bond between you two. Also, the dogs who spend most of their time on the couch avoiding physical activities are more likely to gain weight. Due to this increased weight and less physical activity, they are more susceptible to the danger of fractures and injuries. So if your dog is lazy, it’s high time you should get indulged in playful activities.

Here are some smart ways to unveil the playful spirit of your dog and motivate it for physical activities.

Activities to make your dog active

Use toys

Surely you have thrown balls and frisbees but end up not getting any attention or arousing any interest. But have you ever tried some different toys? Not all dogs like balls or frisbees but it doesn’t mean they will ignore all other toys also. Maybe you have not tried the right one. This time try with some other variety of toys.

You can try a puzzle toy where you can ask them to find their treats. Try tug-of-war toys that will be an excellent way for their physical and mental exercise. Glowing or talking toys can also work, it will make your lazy dog curious and encourage them to play. You can also get them some floating toys if they love to play in the water.

Go for jogging

A good half-hour jog is not only a good exercise for both of you, but it is a great way to make your dog move. Because let’s be honest, weight management is a big issue with a lazy dog, and jogging helps them burn enough calories. Go for a jog every day and ingrain it into the routine of your dog. If your dog is super lazy, start with a short brisk walk and, with time, increase the intensity. So, do not think much, bring a water bottle, leash your dog, and go for a jog!

Arrange playdates

If your friends have dogs, or you have a dog park nearby where people do not hesitate to socialise their dogs, then plan soon to visit there. Sometimes dogs show their playful side with other dogs as they get excited to meet them.

However, make sure the other dogs you want your dog to socialise with should be welcoming enough. You need to be careful about your dog’s temperament as well. Even if you visit that park several times, it is good to keep an eye on your dog. But don’t overdo it; instead, let your dog roam freely and play.

Maybe lazy pooches do not do crazy things like other hyperactive dogs, but they can have fun too. Each dog is unique and has its unique ways to have fun, and that’s just fine. It’s you who will get their playful side out either through training or having some playtime together. Meanwhile, if you are looking for dog training tools, shop the premium dog supplies at Bully Billows!

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