Nylon vs. Leather Dog Collar - Which Way to Go?

Posted: 15 May 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Nylon vs. Leather Dog Collar - Which Way to Go?

When trying to choose the collars for your dog, you may find a lot of choices. Dog collars come in different styles, sizes and shapes and are usually made from nylon and leather, but why choose one over the other?

Besides your personal preference, much of the choice of dog collar depends on the breed, size, comfort and lifestyle of the dog.

If you want to train up your dog and are considering buying a dog collar, considering the pros and cons of nylon and leather collars will help you make a good investment.

Why buy a nylon dog collar?


  • Nylon dog collars hold the ability to fit every breed, every size, all comfort levels and all lifestyles. The same cannot be said about leather dog collars.
  • For sporty dogs, nylon collars are durable, lightweight and dry quickly. Even for the dogs that wander often, there are electronic collars with the addition of nylon.
  • These are easy to use. You can simply attach a nylon collar around your dog’s neck with a traditional quick release buckle. The buckle makes the take on and off part extremely easy.
  • Nylon collars give the desired comfort to the dogs. Such collars can be easily adjusted with a pull-through mechanism.
  • The nylon used in dog collars is sturdy, comfortable, safe and balanced. Unlike leather or plastic, nylon does not shred, tear or rip.
  • If your dog is active and fond of swimming, buying the nylon dog collar is the ideal choice. Unlike leather collars that can wear out over time and smell awkward on getting wet, nylon collars do not have this kind of issue.
  • A nylon collar grows with your dog as it comes equipped with an adjustable pull through the mechanism. Being lightweight and more breathable than leather, it makes the dogs easily adjusted to wearing one.


  • Nylon collars are not recommended for leash training as it puts too much strain on the dog’s neck.
  • These collars get easily wet and should avoid stretching out.

Why buy a leather dog collar?


  • Leather is the perfect natural choice for a strong and comfortable collar that will last for many years. A good, well-made leather collar is stronger than nylon or other types of collars that are available.
  • Leather dog collars give a classy appearance.. Being available in different colours and designs, you can choose the one that is adjustable and comfortable.
  • Leather collars work better in regards to the control aspect of the dog whereas collars made up of nylon easily slip out of.
  • Leather dog collars last for many years of use, even if your dog swims in water. These leather dog wears are designed for long term use outdoors even in harsh weather conditions.


  • While leather dog collars tend to be longer lasting than a nylon collar, however, they do not come in adjustable sizes.
  • Leather dogs are more expensive than nylon. This makes the owners end up paying more over time. Because of the cost, owners prefer buying leather dog collars when the dog gets old and mature.

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