Preparing Dogs for Visitors - Dos and Don’ts

Posted: 07 Apr 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Preparing Dogs for Visitors - Dos and Don’ts

Have you ever loaned any of your favourite things and received them back after getting completely ruined? It’s not just the special things that can get ruined but also the training given to your furry pup. Guests at times frighten your dog, teach him bad habits or even make him an annoying pet.

The sound of the doorbell can make your pet highly nervous or rather excited. This can happen very often, especially the pets who are used to having you and the home to themselves experience these heightened feelings.

Dos and Don’ts

So, before you welcome visitors to your home, you should prepare your dog and teach him to remain calm at most times. Here’s a list of some highly effective dos and don’ts that every dog parent should be well aware of while preparing the pets for visitors:

Do speak up

Guests can, at times, be a massive problem for your pets rather than being a supporter. For instance, when your guest says, “it’s okay, we love dogs”, and then they make your pet overexcited.

This way, your dog tends to become more than just a small puppy, and your guests consider it as acceptable behaviour - this can take him in the wrong direction.

In such a situation, always do a favour to you and your pup— speak up and convey to your guests that you are working on his manners in a gentle way. If they don’t listen, tie your puppy to a leash in the corner of your house or maybe put him in his crate.

Don’t let your pet react to a knock on the door

Feelings of anxiety and excitement can start from the exact moment when there’s a knock on the door. This is why it’s important to teach your dog to be highly calm at this time.

You can train him by quietly knocking on a hard surface and seeing how your pet responds to that. Teach him to remain calm when there’s any such noise on the door.

Continue to knock on the hard surface until your dog starts ignoring that voice. Once your dog becomes familiar with the sound of a knock on the door, he would soon start to remain calm with it too.

Do be in control

You play an essential role in mediating between the guests and your pet. During the times when your guests are afraid of dogs and the pet, in turn, shows signs of nervousness, the situation can be challenging to deal with.

It is crucial that you do not lose yourself and always be in control of the situation. Take charge of the dog and also request the guests to sit in peace.

Don’t let your dogs bark when visitors come

Barking at the arrival of guests can indicate anxiousness or excitement, depending on your pet. In order to prevent your dog from barking, you need to know the cause of it. Understand what your dog wants to convey through this barking and teach him that he can calmly convey the same thing.

Consider keeping the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts in mind and train your pup to be an adorable one rather than being the most hated pet. Once you have acted on all these quick tips, your dog is prepared for the visitors.

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