Proven Tips to Break Up a Dog Fight

Posted: 07 Feb 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Proven Tips to Break Up a Dog Fight

No one wants their dog to get into a fight. The soft growls can quickly turn into scary, fierce, and threatening fights.

Dogs may fight for guarding food, territory, or toys. Or it may be a reaction out of fear or frustration. Nonetheless, dog owners go clueless when it comes to how to break up a dog fight safely.

However, taking the right actions is essential for the safety of you and your beloved pet. First of all, never put yourself into a dog fight. We understand you want to get straight between dogs to save your pet, but it may not be a wise decision. In the heat of the moment, your dog may not recognise the friend and foe. You could suffer severe injuries. If you get injured, who will take care of your dog? So have patience and think before you act.

Here are a few tips to help you out. Read them carefully and apply them next time.

How to Break Up a Dog Fight?

Wheelbarrow Method

The wheelbarrow is the most successful method to break up a dog fight. In this method, you need two people. You and the other person need to grab the back legs of each dog and pull them away from each other. Once you separate dogs from each other, turn them in a circle. It will keep both the dogs apart, and you can stop them from returning to each other. It drastically reduces the chance of even harming yourself.

Distraction Methods

It is the easiest and the most effective of all when you are alone to break the fight. Try to divert the dog's attention from each other. It will allow you to move your dog away safely.

Make a loud noise, like blow a horn or bang a metal pot. You can also spray a hose or dump a bucket full of water on dogs. Throwing a large piece of cloth, like a jacket or blanket, over the face of each dog is also a good idea to not let them see each other.

Once you succeed in distracting them, it will get easier to break up their fight safely.

Break the Grip of the Jaw

When the dogs are grabbing each other with their jaws, the first thing you need to do is release the grip before attempting to pull them away. If you pull a dog that is biting with the jaw, you will increase the risk of injury to another dog. So first, remove the grip with the help of a firm, flat break stick. Insert the stick horizontally close to the back of the throat and then twist. It will help remove the grip.

Remember, only get into the action when you feel it safe and when the owner of another dog is not controlling their dog.

Assess the Aggressor

When you are alone to break the fight, determine which dog is more aggressive or attacking. Assess the actions of each dog and pull the one away that is more dominant in the fight. If you succeed, the fight will naturally stop.

The risk of injury is high when you do not act correctly to stop the fight. So use the right tactics and save yourself and the dogs from the injury.

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