Simple Tips to Measure Dog Collar Size

Posted: 11 May 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Simple Tips to Measure Dog Collar Size

Dogs are not one size fits all and neither are their collars. No matter if you pick a designer dog collar or a custom collar; you will have tons of wonderful choices.

The most important thing is that your new collar must fit your dog correctly. A poorly fitting collar will slip off the dog’s neck and may affect their ability to breathe. Rather than doing guesswork, you should learn how to measure your pet’s neck and choose the correct dog collar.

Tips on measuring your dog for collar size

Get a soft measuring tape to measure your dog. If you do not have soft tape, use a piece of string and measure it against a hard measuring stick.

Beginning from the widest part of the head, measure your dog in a couple of places including the place on the neck where you want the collar to sit. For accurate measurements, the general rule is to measure around the dog’s neck snugly. This means two fingers under and then adds two-three inches for the correct size. Confirm the measurement with the manufacturer’s sizing chart for specific instructions and sizes for the product.

Size does matter

Do consider the size of the dog while choosing the width and material of the collar. Of course, you cannot put a wide leather dog collar on a toy dog. Rather than finding a collar based on the breed, get a tape measure and find an accessory that meets your dog’s dimensions.

Do not include the height of the dog’s fur in the measurements, simply try to get as close to the actual body size as possible.

Above is Bully Billows’ Dog Collar Size Guide.

Get someone to help you

While one person holds the dog, the other needs to record the measurement. For measuring the neck size and body circumference, keep your dogs’ back straight. With somebody’s assistance, you will be able to get the right information in hand and eventually will be able to choose the right collar for you and your dog.

Safety first than fashion

To make sure that the collar you choose does not hurt the dog, accurate measurements must be made so that it fits accurately.

If your dog has short hair, prefer buying a bamboo collar that will lay soft against his skin. Make sure the collar you choose for your dog is not too tight. The collar should rest higher up on the dog’s back, not down on his shoulders. It is vital to notice the dog’s response when wearing the collar. If it seems uncomfortable to your pet, try a different size.

Choosing a perfect dog collar that suits your needs may take more thought than you think. Many factors should be taken into accounts such as the dog’s size, activity, and the style of collar that you want for your pet.

Following the above steps and taking accurate measurements, you can easily find a collar that fits perfectly.

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