Stubborn Puppy? Here are Tips to Get Him to Listen to You!

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Stubborn Puppy? Here are Tips to Get Him to Listen to You!

So, you got the cute puppy for yourself, but what is the fun if he doesn’t listen to you? Well, it is essential to begin obedience training while your dog is still a puppy.

For a stubborn puppy, it takes some extra effort to conduct the dog training. Despite this, there are several ways to train them in order to make them a good fur baby.

How to train a stubborn puppy?

Each dog is unique and has its own unique emotional makeup. Thus, there is no universal formula to train the puppy. However, there are several steps that you can try out to make your puppy listen to your command:

Punishment is not the way

The first and foremost thing that you should remember before the obedience training is that punishment is not the way to go. The old saying, “spare the rod and spoil the child” does not work anymore. Instead, punishing your puppy on his mistakes will spoil your relationship with the dog forever and may make your dog more aggressive. Thus, avoid giving punishments at all.

Positive reinforcements

When it comes to training your dog, you must know how to use reinforcement and punishment at the correct time.

Rather than punishing your dog when he does something wrong, reward him for doing something right.

When handling a dog with stubborn behaviour, negative reinforcement such as smacking or shouting will not bring any good results. Usually, dogs hold an intrinsic desire to please their owners and when the dog knows you are happy with his behaviour, he will try to act in that way. This way you can also train your puppy to perform a variety of tricks as well.

Understand your stubborn puppy

Rewarding your dog with his favourite food or giving a good massage or a loving hug also brings wonders. Once you understand your puppy, you will be in a better position to train him in the way you want.

Simply, focus on building a solid and firm relationship with your dog. Letting him know his real boss and teaching him to respect will help you make a strong bond. Always treat your puppy the way you would like them to treat you. Dogs also have feelings like humans and they are able to sense if you are tampering with their feelings or not.

Start with the basics

When starting the obedience training of your stubborn pet, go with teaching the simplest commands first, like sit, come, fetch etc. Such simple things are easily taught and thus should be done first by the dog owners. The reason is simple, in the beginning, your dog may not understand commands very well, and thus it is better to keep it simple. Once you complete the preliminary stage, you can easily try out the other several and more complex tricks as your dog grows.

When you want your puppy to sit at a command, simply say it and make your dog do that. For instance, to make your dog sit with your command, hold its legs and make him sit.

The dog’s action should always be preceded by your command. Sooner or later, your dog will understand what you want him to do and will act accordingly on simply hearing your command.


Another vital step is to get your dog to socialize with other dogs. Befriending your puppy with other well-mannered dogs will make your pet learn from them even if they play together for about 10-15 minutes.

Also, a walk around the neighbourhood can help your pet meet your neighbours, children and dogs. Having your dog exposed to different ground surfaces will overcome his fear that could lead to misbehaviour.

But remember, your puppy’s stubbornness will worsen if he socializes with pets that are not trained well. If anytime you feel like the situation is not good for your puppy, head home for a puppy break.

Avoid repetition

Try not to use the same words all the time, words like “yes or no”. You might use these words in your daily life without referring to your dog, so repeating these words will make them seem meaningless over a period of time. In addition, use your command only once and give your dog some time to respond. This way, your puppy will understand the need to follow the one-word command.

With the proper dog obedience training, you will be able to eliminate undesirable behavioural issues as your puppy ages. The best time to begin training is when they are the youngest because at that time they are able to learn new things quickly and efficiently. They can start understanding commands from two months of age.

Use a dog training collar

If you desire your puppy to behave normally all the time, as an owner, you need to train him by one means or the other. One of the best ways to train your dog is by making use of a dog training collar. The best part is that the dog training collar can be used virtually any size or breed of dog. They are designed in such a way that they do not allow your dogs to go out of the premises of your house. Also, it will help in preventing your puppies from barking at your guests.

Thus, before you begin training and teaching your dog, go to a reputable pet store and purchase a chain collar with a heavy-duty detachable dog leash.

The right training for your puppy will help to foster them listening to you.

Be patient with them, and your stubborn puppy will learn to listen to you in no time. Always remember to behave well, but firm when dealing with your puppy. Each puppy has a unique personality, so you should adjust yourself accordingly so that your puppy listens to you.

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