Surprising Things Your Dog Can Sense

Posted: 09 Dec 2021 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Surprising Things Your Dog Can Sense

Dogs are the true friends of humans, and there's a strong reason behind it. The way your dog greets you when you come back home from work, the way he becomes your shadow and follows you around the house, the way he automatically comes to you when you are sad shows us that dogs connect with humans on a different level.

Dogs are excellent observers, and they can even pick up emotions from humans or detect things about us which we are not even aware of. These super blessed creatures are unconditionally loving, sensitive, and intuitive.

So, if you are wondering that you will cry and your dog won't know, perhaps you need to think twice. Here are a few things your dog can sense.

Amazing Things Dogs Sense Can About Humans


As we mentioned before, your dog knows when you are sad, happy, calm, or stressed. It always knows what mood you are in today. Do you know how? Well, thanks to their exceptional sniffing abilities.

The dog can sniff the chemical and pheromone changes that occur due to our emotions. Also, they observe our every move as expressions, voice, and body language to gauge our mood.


Are you too occupied with work? Your dog knows!

The dogs know when their human is not paying attention to them. Hence, it is advised to be with them at the moment. Do not check your phone while you take them for a walk or play. Now, we get it that you cannot always give all of your time to them. However, if not, they can take advantage of your lack of attention. Who doesn't love to eat some extra snacks?

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Sickness or Anxiety

With their out-of-the-world sensory abilities, our pooches can smell stress hormones, changes in blood sugar level, cancer, and so forth.

Apart from this, your dog will always know when you are not feeling well both emotionally or physically. Most importantly, they will try to be around you and even cheer you up.


You must have heard about this a lot from women who often tell that their dogs knew about their pregnancy even before they did.

As we mentioned, the dog picks up on our hormonal levels through scent and they can surely sense a bun in the oven. Also, they notice mood swings, changes in routine, and that growing belly.


We know that you would never pick any other dog over your pet. However, if you do so, your dog will know. So, be cautious when you are surrounded by dogs or feeding them, your pooch is paying close attention to the quantities given.


The worst thing that can happen is losing the trust of a dog. Mislead them once, shame on you. Mislead them twice, and you lose them.

Fooling your dogs with treats and not giving them or not providing positive reinforcement is a brilliant way to teach your dog not to obey you. Our furry mates are dependable and honest and they expect the same from their humans.


Dogs are wonderful, aren't they? These special creatures are angels sent from heaven to make our life better. Treat them with equal love and care to have the best friend of life.

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