The Complete Guide to Buying a Dog Lead

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Dog Lead

In this guide, we share our tips on how to choose the right lead for your dog, help you understand the different types of dog leads out there, and highlight some important things to consider when shopping for dog collars and leads.

Are you anticipating the pitter-patter of tiny puppy paws? Or, maybe you’re simply looking to take your dog lead game to the next level? You’ve come to the right place.

Think you might need a dog slip lead, or a dog training lead? Wondering what on earth a zero shock bungee lead or a sporting carabiner lead is? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you figure it all out and find the perfect dog gear for your pooch.

Keep reading for BullyBillow’s guide to buying a dog lead…

How to choose the right dog lead

Many dog owners will go into a pet shop and choose a dog lead based on what it looks like. However, it’s important to choose your dog leads based on your pet and their individual needs. Consider factors such as their age, breed, personality, and so on to ensure you both stay comfortable, confident, and under control when out for a walk.

We will explore the most important things to consider when choosing dog leads and collars in more detail further on, but here are some key factors to keep in mind:

  • The age of your dog - are they a puppy, middle-aged, or more senior?
  • The breed of your dog - sometimes, this can influence the type of lead you need. For example, if you own a bigger dog, you’ll need a stronger lead.
  • Where you’re going to be walking your dog - often, this means you need more than one lead hanging on your coat hooks.
  • The strength of your dog - how much control do you need, and are you both comfortable (physically and mentally) with the lead you’re using?
  • Collar compatibility - does the lead work with the type of collar your dog needs?

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of dog lead available…

Understanding the different types of dog leads

One quick Google search can make it feel like there are a million and one options to choose from when it comes to shopping around for a new dog lead. We get it—that’s why we make it so easy to find exactly what you need here at BullyBillows.

Here, we walk you through (pun intended) the various different types of leads we offer to help you make your decision.

BullyBillows Billowthane® Leads

Billowthane® is an innovative material we have created here at BullyBillows, which is 100% waterproof, extremely easy to clean, and promises not to cause any irritation to your dog's skin and fur.

This popular range features a selection of different styles, including an anti-tangle swivel lead and a 10m recall lead. All stainless steel hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee too.

Shop the Billowthane® Recall Lead - 10m | Waterproof & Anti-Rust - Matte Platinum | Series 2.

BullyBillows Dog Slip Lead

The biggest benefit of dog slip leads is that they can be easily slipped over your pooch’s head without having to worry about any clips or buckles.

The design also means that if your dog pulls, the slip collar part of the lead will tighten around the neck in a safe way to discourage pulling without hurting your fur baby.

BullyBillows slip leads are rigid enough so that they won’t tangle but still supple enough to allow freedom of movement. A robust rubber stopper also means you can gain greater control of your trusty steed during lead-led walkies.

Shop the Slip Lead | Anti-Pull & Anti-Choking Training Lead - Black v2.0.

BullyBillows Double Ended Dog Training Lead

Our range of Double Ended Training Leads features our most versatile dog leads—a total must-have for any dog owner. Thanks to its double-ended design, the BullyBillows Training Lead can be used in a whole host of different ways, there to support you however you need it most.

A short length is ideal for heel training or normal walking, while a medium length is perfect for obedience training. A long length is an invaluable tool when it comes to recall training and distance work.

The double connection also means you can walk two dogs at once with optimum control and effortless double steering.

Shop the Double Ended Training Lead | All Breeds - Durable & Soft 2m Lead - Blue

BullyBillows Combat Dog Leads

Our range of combat dog leads is the most popular here at BullyBillows - and for good reason too. Each one features a handy anti-tangle mechanism that has been pressure tested to withstand hundreds of pounds. This works with a bespoke clip that can be easily attached to any collar or harness.

These leads are great for dogs who are prone to pulling or getting excitable on the lead. A soft Neoprene handle will also protect your hands for long-term comfort.

Shop the Swivel Combat Lead | Anti-Tangle & Pressure Tested - Khaki

BullyBillows Combat Traffic Lead

The BullyBillows Traffic Lead is a short padded lead made for securing dogs during car journeys and holding them close in tricky situations. This makes them a great solution for reactive dogs, as they can be easily clipped onto any harness or collar.

The handle is strong and robust, as is the clip, which enables you to keep a tight rein whenever you require it. A padded Neoprene lining means you can confidently control your dog without hurting your hands or their neck.

Shop the Combat Traffic Lead | Short Handle for Control - Burgundy.

BullyBillows Ladder Leads

Our ladder leads are an ingenious invention that means you have the luxury of multiple handles along the length of the lead. They are 1.4m in full length, but if you need to gain more control of your dog or hold them to heel quickly for any reason, you can simply grab a handle lower down.

These are great for dogs who are still in training or those that are just a little bit unruly by nature. A carabiner clip also allows a 360-degree swivel to help prevent pesky tangles.

Shop the Ladder Lead - Multiple Handles During Walks - Black.

BullyBillows Nylon Snap Hook Leads

Does your wild one often get a case of the Zoomies when they’re out on the lead? If so, you’re going to love our range of snap hook leads, which promise to never get tangled, no matter how excitable your doggo gets.

A soft, durable handle is ideal if your pooch is prone to pulling, while a Neoprene lining is quick-drying and odourless - the perfect combination for outdoor adventures.

Shop the Nylon Snap Hook Lead | Series 2 - Blue.

BullyBillows Zero Shock Bungee Leads

Our zero shock bungee leads are made using a soft nylon casing filled with a highly-strung bungee cord. This means your pooch can have more freedom to run and explore without suffering any neck or back injuries.

The bungee absorbs any shock from the dog’s movements, which also protects your arm and shoulder too.

These leads have been tested against intense pulling power and also come with a double carabiner connection, so you can even walk two dogs at once, comfortably and confidently.

Shop the Zero Shock Lead | With Handle & Shock Absorber - Red v2.0.

BullyBillows Active Light Leads

Our active light leads are durable and reliable but still super comfortable and lightweight.

They are all webbed with 3M Nylon webbing to boost visibility in the dark and poor weather conditions. We also have matching collars if you’d prefer to use one of those with a more robust lead.

Shop the 1.4m Active Light Lead - Grey.

Things to consider when buying dog collars and leads

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a collar or lead for your fur babies and doggos.

The breed of your dog

Sometimes, the breed of the dog will dictate what type of lead you should be used to walk or train them. A Chihuahua, for example, will need a far narrower and more lightweight lead and collar than a German Shepherd which is larger, stronger, and typically requires more control.

Do some research into your dog’s breed to find out what kind of collar and the lead combo will work best for them.

The age of your dog (or puppy)

The age of your four-legged friend influences the collar and lead you should buy for them. A small puppy, for instance, will need a puppy collar and lightweight lead, while a larger, full-grown breed will need something more substantial.

However, as an adult dog ages and becomes less energetic, you might find that you prefer to swap back to a lightweight lead again, as heavy-duty materials and maximum control are no longer necessary.

Unique behavioural needs

Your dog’s personality and individual behavioural patterns should be used to steer your collar and lead-buying decisions.

If you have a reactive dog that is going through intensive training and needs to be more restrained during walks, for example, you’ll need a collar and lead that are going to support your efforts. An obedient dog, on the other hand, will likely be fine with something less heavy-duty.

Comfort is key

If your dog is going to enjoy their walkies or training sessions and behaves well on the lead, they need to be comfortable. This means choosing a collar and lead that applies the appropriate amount of pressure to their neck and a material that won’t snag their skin or fur.

You also need to make sure that you’re comfortable using the lead yourself and that the structure or material of it isn’t going to hurt your hands. Sore hands are never fun, but they can also result in compromised control of your pooch.

Lead and collar compatibility

To get the most out of a collar and lead’s performance potential, we’d always recommend choosing products that are designed to work together. Our active light collars, for example, complement the benefits of our active light dog leads for maximum safety in low-light conditions.

For more information on finding the right collar for your furry friend, check out our expert Dog Collar Buying Guide.

You’ll probably need more than one type of lead

Last but not least, it’s important to know that to get the most out of your dog walks and training sessions, you’ll more than likely need more than one lead to reach for. If you have more than one dog collar, for example, you might need separate leads to use with each of those.

Or, if you regularly switch between pavement walks and long beach walks, for instance, you’d benefit from having a short lead designed for walking near traffic and a long line for exploring whilst maintaining recall confidence.

Kit your furry friend out with the perfect dog lead from BullyBillows

We hope you’ve found our guide to buying a dog lead useful and that you’re now feeling confident you can checkout with the perfect product for your pooch.

Don’t forget, we’ve got plenty of other top-quality gear and accessories for dogs, from safety seat belts to skin-soothing balms. Have a mooch through our website to make sure all your essentials are well-stocked.

Ready to shop? Explore the full BullyBillows dog lead range today!

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