Tips to Design a Backyard Playground for Your Dog

Posted: 06 Feb 2022 Human Reading Time: 2 Minutes
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Tips to Design a Backyard Playground for Your Dog

There is nothing more joyous than watching your pet dog in its element - romping, wrestling, digging, playing tug of war and going wild. Dogs love playing and exercising. So much so that they need daily stimulation to not tear apart your couch and develop behavioural issues, such as anxiety or frustration.

However, a daily walk is not enough for your dog to be content and healthy. It needs more playtime than you can probably manage to take time out for. So to let your dog have fun on its own, you can bring the playground to your home and build one in your backyard.

Here are some tips on how can you go about building a playground for your dog in your backyard -

How to Make a Dog-Friendly Backyard Playground?

1. Fence the Backyard

First things first, ensure that your backyard is safely fenced. Your dog may not like it, as they want to have an open yard to themselves. However, to keep your pet safe, you have to fence the playground.

You can make it more dog-friendly, though, by placing bushes along the edges of the fence. It will look less like a hindrance to your dog.

2. Create a Digging Area

Dogs love digging - it comes naturally to them. Therefore, don’t wait for them to ruin your plants and soil by digging the backyard. Instead, build them a designated digging area.

You can create a pit and fill it with sand or mulch. You can also purchase a sandbox. To encourage your dog to use the designated digging spots, hide toys or treats there.

3. Install a Splash Pool

Who doesn’t like to chill in the pool in the summers? The same goes for your dog. Install a hard-plastic baby pool in your backyard, which is cost-effective. While inflatable pools also work, they may get punctured with the dog’s nails or teeth.

If your pup is a water baby, they will be the most excited to spend hours in the cool water. If they don’t like water, you can encourage them to play in the pool by joining them at the beginning in the pool. You can also put treats or toys in there.

4. Create an Agility Course

If your dog is young and physically fit, a few activities in the backyard may not be enough for him to shed the energy. You can think about setting up an agility course in your backyard. It is a fast-paced sport where your dog navigates through a series of obstacles. Incorporate jumps, tunnels, balance beams, teeterboards, and weave poles to keep your dog active and entertained.

If you have a puppy, you can hire a trainer to handle the dog on the agility course in the beginning.

With all the facilities in the backyard, you can build your dog a dream playground. To ensure they stay safe while playing, get safety accessories for your dog from Bully Billows. Shop now to get your dog premium-quality accessories.

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